Unique Microcurrent Therapy Helps Queensland Heeler’s Leg Inflammation

Unique Microcurrent Therapy Helps Queensland Heeler’s Leg Inflammation
September 27, 2023

Imagine being a working dog, driven by purpose but hindered by a debilitating leg injury. Every movement is challenging as you try compensating for the pain and limitations. This is the reality for many working dogs – like Peso, the Queensland Heeler patient today. So – lets look at how a unique microcurrent therapy can help alleviate pain and leg inflammation in working dogs.

The Story of Peso, the Queensland Heeler

Peso experienced a leg injury a month before the technician met her.

Peso was initially unable to put any pressure on the affected leg. To compensate for the injury, she spent three weeks protecting herself from further pain by finding ways to keep weight off her injured limb – her right hind leg.

Worse, the inflammation and tenderness in her hip joint added another layer of discomfort, making it difficult for her to lie on her right hip. As a working dog, this injury forced her to be out of commission.

Working dogs are not happy when not working, so that was another reason to find a solution as soon as possible. Equiscope microcurrent therapy therefore seemed a good way forward. Let’s see why.

Targeting Inflammation at Its Source with Equiscope

This microcurrent therapy is a promising option for multiple conditions, including injury-related inflammation.

By directly targeting the inflammation at source, the Electro-Equiscope can speed up the recovery process. Equiscope therapy measures impedance in the energy flow in damaged cells and delivers a balancing current of energy to help the cells resume normal healthy activity.

This intelligent delivery of microcurrents accelerates recovery and can ensure a complete and sustainable resolution of the condition.

Here’s how this advanced microcurrent therapy worked for Peso:

  • Protocol 1 involved using plates at all frequencies in Mode 1 and Mode 2, followed by a probe. Before Protocol 2, Peso exhibited signs of more weight-bearing on her right leg.
  • Protocol 2 used plates with a large single roller at all frequencies, and each frequency was applied for two minutes.
  • During Protocol 3, the technician’s focus was on resolving lameness in Peso’s right hind leg. They used all frequencies in Mode 1 and Mode 2. Each point was stimulated for 12 seconds on each frequency.

chart of facts about microcurrent therapy protocol success for this dog's leg inflammationA Working Dog’s Journey to Recovery

After the first session, Peso exhibited improved stability and mobility without compensating for the painful leg inflammation.

Right after the second session, she stood up effortlessly – with only a slight hesitation when she quickly changed direction. It wasn’t clear whether this hesitancy was due to pain or to a habit gained when she did still have pain!

However, before the third protocol, Peso ran with full energy, showing an incredible response to the protocols. After three sessions, she experienced complete pain relief and could return to work, doing what she loved.

Easing Pain and Inflammation with Electro-Equiscope

When dealing with inflammation, it’s always important to consider alternative therapy options that not only provide relief but may also address the underlying cause. We, at Intellbio, are the sole distributors of the cutting edge Electro-Equiscope and would love to help.

So, if your working dog – or another of your animal friends – is facing similar challenges, find a practitioner near you and discuss the benefits of this unique microcurrent therapy to help them regain their health and vitality.

Always consult your doctor or veterinarian first.

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Unique Microcurrent Therapy Helps a Queensland Heeler's Leg Inflammation
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