NE 230 Facilitator

Neuroscope 230F

Usage Designed to Facilitate Pre and Post Stem Cell Implantation
FDA Approved
No – Home Care Device
Presets: 1.23, 2.8, 7.34, 11.76 Hz
Presets: 3, 5,15 minutes and continuous
25, 100, 400, 600 uA
Polarity switch
Complex wave form, modulated square wave, modulated pulse with alternating polarity at 1.5 seconds intervals
Pink sound
I/F noise falls off at 3db per octave into an 8ohm headphone
Led indicators
Power ON and Low Battery
Power supply
Rechargeable 8.4V NiCd. battery + charger
Intellbio Neuroscope (front view) - Photo ©2019

Therapeutic Technology at Home
with the Neuroscope 230F

An indispensable tool for additional protocols at home

Neuroscope 230F

This device is an immune enhancer that, within a few minutes, establishes sympathetic resonance – which is the harmonization of the central nervous system, both sympathetic and para-sympathetic.

The Technology

The pulse harmonics of the sound program along with the frequency programs offer frequencies ranging from Delta, to Theta, to Alpha. The combination of sound and frequency allows the body to remain in perfect sympathetic resonance. Without sympathetic resonance, helloing cannot occur. Simply put, the Facilitator facilitates an enhanced immune system and puts the brain and central nervous system to rest. Electro Sleep phenomena allow the brain to be held in perfect rest state – which means that every minute from the instrument equates to 10 minutes of your best rest. The body heals in the resting state.

What is included?

Included accessories: Placement cup electrodes, stick-on collars, headband with wires, electrolyte gel, headphones, ear clips, Y-probe with adaptor and charger.

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*One year manufacturer warranty does not cover the rechargeable battery. Ask about the extended warranty available through Intelligent Bioenergetics.

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