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For years, the Equiscope® and its preceding technologies have been used by horse and rider for faster recovery, better training, performance, and ultimately more wins.

Equiscope® Equine Care

Targeted Accelerated Results

In 2012, John Thorp trained a well-known trainer’s son to use the evolving technology of the Electro-Equiscope® on a 2-year old colt by the name of I’ll Have Another. This little colt had amazing speed but had chronic inflammation in his ankles. He lost his first two races before being purchased by J. Paul Reddam and trained by Doug O’Neill. After 30 days of training, this little unknown horse came out at his first race with the odds of 43 to 1 – a huge long shot!

With the results achieved through the use of the Equiscope, he was ready to run. And, with those odds, we placed a large bet to see I’ll Have Another crush the field by six lengths. He went on to the win the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness in 2012. A little unknown colt that was purchased for $35,000, was sold for stud for $10 million dollars just 6 months after we began working on him.

Fast-forward to 2018, Itsinthepost and River Boyne, two horses trained by Jeff Mullins have gone from obscurity to both being undefeated in 2018, and collecting earnings of over $500,000. We continue to show amazing results with all types of injuries and diseases, including a horse that was diagnosed with EMP – a neurological disorder that can cripple a horse. After 3 weeks of Equiscope Therapy, that horse went on to win its first race. This was an all but impossible feat until Electroscope therapy became part of the recovery and training regiment.

Enhanced Performance For Equine and Other Animals

The Electro-Equiscope® is focused. It is capable of receiving information from the tissue due to its sophisticated feedback modulator. The information is then processed through 4 computers and a precise output current is generated.

The instrument then responds as the tissue reacts until the proper bio conductance is restored to the cellular membrane, enhancing ATP and restoring cellular homeostasis.

Trainers and owners alike depend on the most efficient and safest protocols available in order to maintain peak performance in their horses. Equiscope’s microcurrent therapy offers unlimited creative therapeutic potential.

Top professional athletes and thoroughbred race horses implementing the Equiscope for peak performance. Click the button below to learn what some of our World Class Athletes / Trainers have to say about Equiscope therapy and the Thorp Institute.

Pain Free Electrically!

A Safe, Tested, Effective Alternative

This technology is ideal for those looking for a non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive option.

Equiscope Therapy at Work

Admiral’s War Chest:  Maryland Million 2016 There is Hope with the Scope!

Dr. Stephen Sinatra Talks about Fixing Charlie

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Equine Cases

Equine Equiscope Cases

Some of the photos in this section can be
graphic in nature as they showcase open wounds.

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Left video is the day he came to us. On the right is after 12 sessions.

The work was done in 3 weeks. 12 sessions.

The morning after the third session.

The morning after the twelve session (video 1).

The morning after the twelve session (video 2).

She was rechecked 2 weeks later and was released to begin conditioning.
2 months later she cleared for complete competition.

Winning Equiscope Horses

Race Winners

  • I’ll have another, Kentucky Derby and the Preakness 2012. Saved the life of Illusive Charlie Dr. Sinatra’s horse that sired Admirals Warchest
  • Admirals war chest, won back to back Maryland millions races the biggest races in Maryland for Maryland breeders
  • Gregs Irish Pride came back after a condular fracture and won 3 races. Dr. Sinatra
  • Meckeys Madalynn, Who had a neurological disorder and was treated with the Electro-Equiscope the horse was named after the the step grand child of Dr Sinatra who was stricken with neurological disorder and was in a wheel chair. Meckeys Madalynn came from behind and won the race for the Sinatra team after being the longest shot on the field.

2018 Jeff Mullins stables

  • Its in the Post won The San Gabriel Stakes” $200,000, Charles Whittingham stakes $200,000, San Marcos Stakes $200,000, San Louis rey Stakes $200,000.
  • River Boyne won the Pasadena stakes $200,000, La Jolla Handicap $150,000, Rainbow stakes $100,000
  • Perfect Wager
  • Tatters to Riches returned to the winners circle after recovering from a broken Sesamoid bone

Dubai Godolphin stables under the training of Charlie Appleby

  • Thunder Snow both horse and rider treated with the Electro-Equiscope won the $10,000,000 race in 2019 and 2020 Christophe Somillion the jockey was treated as well as Thunder Snow a feat no other horse in the history of the World Cup in Dubai has ever accomplished.
  • Ghaiyyath rated the best turf horse on the planet was treated with the Electro-Equiscope won the Coral Eclipse at Sandown, The G3 Dubai Millennium at Medan and the G2 Coronation cup. As well as several others in his career in 3 years of racing. Well over 10 million in winnings.
  • Rebel’s Romance just won The $750,000 UAE Medan Derby March 27th 2021

In Laurel Maryland

  • Tasia Camperlengo horse, Sudden Impulse, won her first race after being treated with the Electro-Equiscope