Toxicity and Blurry Eyes After Iodine Cleaning

Toxicity and Blurry Eyes After Iodine Cleaning
February 8, 2023

You probably know from experience that your body is a complex system! It needs a delicate balance of various elements in order to function correctly, and any element that gets unbalanced affects all the rest. That’s how toxicity can happeneven slight indirect toxicity from an element you need!

One such element is iodine. It plays a crucial role in

  • the functioning of your thyroid gland and
  • regulating metabolism.

It also has antiseptic properties, so healthcare professionals use it in medical cleansing operations.

However, even the smallest amount of toxicity can disrupt your body’s bioenergetic circuit and wreak havoc. So – despite its benefits – iodine toxicity can happen. And it can lead to unfortunate side effects.

This was the case for one patient, a 33-year-old woman who’d undergone a procedure involving the cleaning of her fallopian tubes with iodine.

Nine days after the procedure, her vision suddenly went from 20/20 to blurry – indicating that her body’s bioenergetic circuit had been disrupted. She went to an Equiscope technician for help.

Equiscope: A Unique Approach to Healing

The Equiscope technician worked with the patient by placing two one-inch plates on the occiput for brain mapping and went through the standard Equiscope mode 1 protocol.

The results were impressive! From right at the start of the protocol, at 0.5 Hz frequency, she could see clearly again. Six months after the protocol, her vision still remained sharp.

The thing is that when toxicity blocks your body’s electrical pathways, your entire system can malfunction.

The Electro-Equiscope’s bioenergetic therapy sent corrective pico/microcurrents intelligently to the patient’s affected areas and restored the energy in those cells to the correct levels. This helped the cells remove the effects of the iodine toxicity so her body could heal itself.

quote from the text about toxicityCommon Sense: Correct Bioenergetic Flow at Source!

How does it all work? Let’s see…

You can measure the flow of bioelectricity in the body by looking at bioimpedance – i.e. what’s stopping it.

Healthcare professionals analyze this bioimpedance – and can therefore find causes of inflammation and pain within injured cells, rather than just recognizing symptoms.

The Equiscope then uses Intelligent Bioenergetics Microcurrent technology to restore the flow of your body’s electricity and help bring your autonomic nervous system back into balance.

In this way, technicians aim to help:

  • remove toxins,
  • stimulate your body’s energy points,
  • support self-healing
  • support your body’s blood flow
  • restore energy to various organs and joints
  • reduce the toxicity burden in your body.

The Power of Equiscope in Restoring Health

The Electro-Equiscope is a valuable tool for helping you with a whole-body detox – as well as the partial one we illustrated in this case study. It’s effective and non-invasive, with often quick and long-lasting results. [You can see other Equiscope therapy results here.]

Please note it’s important to identify and address any forms of poisoning or toxicity in your body as soon as possible to prevent more severe health problems developing. If in doubt, consult your healthcare provider.

However, Intellbio is proud to be the sole global provider of the Electro-Equiscope. Let’s talk about what Equiscope therapy can do for you!

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Toxicity and Blurry Eyes After Iodine Cleaning
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