Sciatic Pain Begone – With Equiscope Help!

Sciatic Pain Begone – With Equiscope Help!
January 4, 2023

You know how these things just happen! You sit or move awkwardly, and suddenly… there’s your sciatic pain back again, right through your hip and buttock, and down to your ankle. Just when you wanted to go out with friends, or – in the case of the client we’ll tell you about today – just when he wanted to go hunting.

We don’t all go hunting, but we can feel his pain even mentioning it! The twinges are especially annoying because they affect most every movement you want to make.

Sciatica – or sciatic pain – follows on from some kind of damage to your sciatic nerve. Maybe on account of

  • a disk that’s slipped out of place (or herniated) and touches the nerve,
  • a bony spur that’s pushing on the nerve, or
  • inflamed tissue from general back pain.

Sciatica can affect around 40% of the population in their lifetime. When it happens, you may find you have a more acute type of pain that usually resolves in weeks, or more chronic pain that persists.

In addition, it might affect both sides of your body alternately – or both sides at the same time (bilateral).

pull quote about 40% of the population who may suffer sciatic painEither way, the outcome is the same: pain and inflammation you wish would heal up fast!

How Can You Help Relieve Sciatic Pain Traditionally?

Walking may help in some cases– even if it’s a little painful. That’s because walking is gentle exercise and improves the blood flow around your body.

What doesn’t help is

  • too much bending,
  • sitting for too long, or
  • twisting your spine awkwardly.

But there’s a sure way to speed up the healing process so you can get back to your usual activities as soon as possible. And that’s…

…Equiscope Therapy: Bringing Relief From Pain and Inflammation

Equiscope therapy – using intelligent pico/microcurrent technology – is not new. It’s been around for decades in mainstream and traditional practices. It’s a revolutionary technology that combines knowledge from both Eastern and Western medicine.

For example, it uses meridians and other bioenergetic pathways in your body to intelligently restore the electrical charges in your damaged cells to their optimum level. Your body can then naturally heal itself.

One of those pathways is the gall bladder meridian (GB).This meridian featured in helping today’s patient get to his hunting trip on time. Let’s see why and how.

Finding a Bioenergetic Way to Speed Up Healing

When sciatic pain strikes, the meridian to think about is the GB. This is because it runs from your toes on either side of your body, up through each foot and leg, and through your hips.

Sound familiar? Like sciatic pain?

The technician who helped this patient applied the GB protocol twice – meaning they used the Electro-Equiscope to deliver corrective pico/microcurrents intelligently to this meridian to help reduce pain and inflammation.

Equiscope technicians often use this meridian for sciatic pain as it runs through the hips. This time, they also did a bilateral spinal protocol in the third session.

The patient later mailed a card from his successful trip saying, “I have no pain!”

The technician was pleased but not surprised. If you remove cellular inflammation so cells can communicate as normal, your body is well placed to heal itself. Fast!

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Sciatic Pain Begone – With Equiscope Help!
Sciatic pain bothering you? Learn how Equiscope therapy can deliver corrective pico/microcurrents intelligently to help reduce pain and inflammation in the cellular tissue and allow your body to heal itself.