Reported Equiscope Therapy Results

Sports Injury - Heather Gotham

  1. Baseball Pitcher-drafted out of high school
  2. Symptom: Severe right elbow pain when pitching for 5 years, multiple MRI no condition found by doctors.
  3. Protocol: 3 sessions, local and direct, Y-Probe and seal
  4. Result: Zero pain pitching at 100% and low 90’s speed.
  1. Football Player going into college ball
  2. Symptom: Complete break and overlapping of the right fibula, surgical realignment with 3 screws to hold, 8-month projection to recovery.
  3. Protocol: Started sessions 1 week after surgery; 10 sessions 3 times a week for two weeks, then reduced to twice a week for 2 weeks.
  4. Mode 2: negative polarity for 90% of sessions
  5. Result: Complete bone recovery at 4 weeks confirmed with an X-ray, back on the field for muscle rehab 2 months from surgery


  1. Vietnam Vet– 6 tours
  2. Symptom: Severe neuropathy in both feet, in a wheelchair due to numbness in toes/feet.
  3. Protocol: 14 sessions over 4 days; footplates with lumbar, cervical, and hand cylinders for a significant portion of sessions.
  4. Systemics: bilateral spine 3 times, governing vessel, and headband.
  5. Result: On the second day after the 6-hour session mark, he got up and scooted around with flat feet and good posture, unassisted. He left with full sensation in his feet and good circulation, no wheelchair needed.
  1. Symptom: Completely numb right foot for 10 years, no touch or temperature sensation. Could not drive, tried many therapies, drugs for neuropathy, etc.
  2. Protocol: 4 sessions with footplate to lumbar plate, and 1 bilateral spine systemic.
  3. Result: Complete recovery and driving at the end of that week.


  1. Ex-military sniper
  2. Symptom: 4 head injuries and TBI in 2 tours, unable to sleep in 2.5 years, tried every therapy, full-body pain, and PTSD.
  3. Protocol: 5 sessions with headband using plates, 2 bilateral spine, 2-foot plates to hand cylinders, and knee plates. *Note: The client remained very alert during all headband sessions and significant impedance feedback.
  4. Result: On arriving for his 2nd session he reported sleeping 8 hours after our 1st session. He proceeded to improve after every session.

Carpal Tunnel

  1. Symptom: could not write, brush hair, sleep. Dbl CT surgery scheduled
  2. Protocol: 3 sessions before surgery of double hand cylinders
  3. Result: After 2 sessions she was pain-free and cancelled her surgeries.

Chronic Pain

  1. Symptom: Headaches every single day for the last 40 years (since she was 8 or 9) 50-80% of the time, lower back pain. Would turn into an intense migraine.
  2. Protocol: Mode 1 cycle muscle tested, headband and ear clips, 7 or 8-minute protocol, once done with the first “testing”; her headache went away; from 7 to 0. Also dealt with lower back pain.
  3. Result: Her headache went away right after being muscle tested.
  1. Symptom: Short-range of movement due to pain in the cervical area (from a car accident),  her C3 AND C2 was “hard as a rock”, pain level 7-8. TMJ bothered her the most., pain level 9-10 (highest it would hit)
  2. Protocol: Small tip y-probe, t, unless she is stressed or having emotional issues. 3 sessions total, 1 hour 30 minutes. The whole trap area was worked using the small tip y-probe.
  3. Result: Pain level due to TMJ went down to a 0 unless stressed or having emotional issues. Her pain level went from 7 to a 4 after the first protocol. After the second protocol her pain level was around a 2, but pretty much a 0 all the time.
  1. Symptoms: Should3r pain that radiated down through the hands and extreme tenderness on his legs from the knee to the foot.
  2. Protocol: Worked on the patient for 2 hours, once in the morning and 2 hours later in the afternoon after a short break. Connected the gallbladder lines with gallbladder .32 gallbladder .40 which is very common for those to be weak at the same time and this sciatic pain went away. I did a bull’s-eye probe on the shoulder as well as opened up some of the meridians going down his arm. Finished up with a Y probe on his calf and shin area.
  3. Results: All pain went to zero and he left Pain Free for the first time in many years and with more feeling in his hands and legs.
  1. Symptoms: Severe pain in sciatic, tried everything and had gotten zero help.
  2. Protocol: Worked on the gallbladder meridian and a few minutes later it was gone to zero.  That lasted for several months and she came in for a quick tune-up where we brought it back down to zero.
  3. Result: Pain went to zero and lasted months without any pain, returned for “tune-up”.
  1. Symptoms: Pain was so strong it would keep her nearly bedridden for a couple of days at a time that would come on about every other week or maybe once a month.
  2. Protocol: Performed a spinal stimulation and then worked again on the gallbladder line for the affected area and in less than 20 minutes she was at zero pain.
  3. Result: In less than 20 minutes she did not have any pain.
  1. Symptoms: Have been present on and off for 20 years. Symptoms get worse with 1-2 hours of marching band during a parade, pain radiates in the lower back horizontally and down both legs in sciatic like distribution.
  2. Protocol: Equiscope 3-12 sessions. Plate at C1 and sacrum along with ear clips 10-15 minutes per cycle, grid protocol used with knees, grid lower back with y-probe massage, ear clips and plates at lower back finished with a y-probe.
  3. Results: After 6 sessions it was a near resolution of 20 years of back pain.
  1. Symptom: Leg Pain, level 9 without medication. Large hematoma with adjacent variable density fluid presumed blood of various age, predominantly extraperitoneal in the space of Retzuis. There is some free fluid in the posterior pelvis measuring lower density, unrelated free fluid in this young female but cannot exclude a small amount of intraperitoneal blood. A CTA could be performed to evaluate for active contrast extravasation.
  2. Protocol: Myofascial pain syndrome, trigger point injection of bupivacaine and lidocaine. Received 5 equiscope protocols and the patient asked to decrease her medications. Pain level was reduced to 1.
  3. Result: Lower pain level, functional improvements. She said microcurrent worked wonders.
  1. Symptom: Paralyzes on the right side of the body and numbness to the right side due to a stroke. She is wheelchair-bound.
  2. Protocol: First Protocol ->Mode 1: gain 40, intensity 300, odonton and y-probe + sealing. Second Protocol -> Mode 1: gain 25, intensity 100, headband. On the third protocol with the Equiscope, the patient improved cognition. Third protocol -> Mode 1: gain 30, intensity 100, headband. The patient reports feeling rested. After repeating the protocol used on day 1 and 2 again the patient’s husband reports that the patient is doing better on cognition, speech, and right eye.
  3. Result:After more than 15 protocols the patient has reported that numbness on the right side of the body is occurring, no pain and the patient is feeling good, able to communicate, and talk more.
  1. Symptom: Cervicalgia and chronic pain. The patient reports soreness and achiness over most of her body and numbness to her feet. At the second protocol, the patient reports numbness, burning like electrical pain to both wrist and some stiffness to neck,
  2. Protocol: First Protocol -> Mode 1: gain 70, intensity 300 & mode 2 intensity 400, immersion, y-probe, bilateral HF, sealing. Second Protocol -> Mode 1: gain 90, intensity 600. Mode 2: intensity 600, 2 plates, immersion, y-probe, sealing.
  3. Result: After the first protocol, the patient reports less to no pain. After the second protocol patient reports no pain Although the patient had some re-injuries due to accidents(ie. falling), after being treated with the equiscope the patient reports less to no pain.
  1. Symptoms: Ex MMA fighter, a current firefighter with a desk job. Both ACLs have been repaired. Current karate instructor. Has had constant pain in the neck, hips, and lower back. Has had at least 2 concussions. Occasional brain fog.
  2. Protocol/Results: 3 sessions: Grid/plates lumbar/Y-probe 90% relief of back pain. Bil spinal 3 sessions: Bullseye/plates to neck/upper back. Repeat bilat spinal. Did 2 headband sessions. Has returned twice to get bilateral spinal in the last few months. Doing well overall.
  1. Symptoms: Chronic low back and neck pain, use of CBD oil at night for sleep and insomnia, symptoms came on after being in 4 MVAs. Notes whiplash on each injury.
  2. Protocol: 7 sessions with equiscope. 6 plates total placed at c-spine and lumbar spine, added ear clips and finished with y-probe massage and seal.
  3. Results: After 1 session she was pain free, ROM restored, and tissue immediately relaxed. Gets a protocol about 1-2 times per month that sustains her and has given her a huge improvement in QOL and functionality to her life.
  1. Symptom: The patient reports intense rhythmic sharp nerve pain to the right side of the head due to post herpatic neuralgia.
  2. Protocol: First Protocol -> Mode 1: gain 20, intensity 25. Mode 2 intensity N/A, 5 min. Headband. Second Protocol -> Mode 1: gain 50-90, intensity 100. Mode 2 intensity 100-200. GV + Sealing. 2nd protocol protocol is repeated
  3. Result: After the 1st protocol patient reports pain is better but the patient screamed out several times during the procedure. After the 2nd protocol patient reports some pain relief, unable to complete protocol in mode 2. After continuous protocol with equiscope, mainly protocol used on protocol 2, the patient reports feeling much better.
  1. Symptom: Pelvic and perineal pain. The patient reports pain + abdomen + both thighs. The second protocol reveals pain in both knees.
  2. Protocol: First Protocol-> Mode 1: gain 40, intensity 600, mode 2: intensity 600, 4 plates, y-probe and sealing. Repeat the same protocol for the second protocol. Repeat protocol + add immersion.
  3. Result: No change in pain after 1st protocol. The patient reports less pain in both knees after the second protocol. Third protocol patient reports less pain in the pelvic.
  1. Symptom: Pain in the hip area, has an enhanced sympathetic nervous system, overall chronic pain.
  2. Protocol: Protocol Mode 1: Gain 50, intensity 300. Mode 2: intensity 300 or 400. Plates, y-probe, and sealing. Received protocol for several months. Patient would visit regularly for “tune-ups”
  3. Result: Pain subsides, patient-reported feeling “perfect”. He continued protocols because they made him feel good!
  1. Symptoms: Dx’d with Hashimoto’s about 2 years ago. Lots of generalized pain. Especially in the knees. Unwanted weight gain. Bladder issues. Fatigue.
  2. Protocol/Results: Started with probes/plates to knees, bilateral hands, and feet. Plates to bladder and kidney area. Bilat spinal. We did run her through all of the systemics: Lymph drainage, reflexology, auricular. Guided meditation, governing vessel, and odonton resulting in improved symptoms each time. Continues to come on a weekly basis to address current issues or just do ear clips. Doing very well! Has lost 10lbs, has no bladder issues, pain minimal most of the time. Feels ‘less on edge’.


  1. Symptoms: About 10 years ago a tremor in his arms and hands started, and about a year later he was unable to hold a pen and write his name. I had him demonstrate this for me and he had to use his left hand to hold his right hand steady and he even then it looked like a drunk five-year-old was signing a signature.
  2. Protocol: I did a spinal stimulation followed by a bilateral going from the wrist halfway up to the bicep, all on mode one through standard frequency protocol. It was maybe a total of half an hour and then I had him try and write his name again.
  3. Results: Right away when he grabbed the pen his eyes widened, and then he proceeded to write his name with just one hand just like he used to.  He leaned back and smiled and said, “well heck, I haven’t been able to do that in 10 years!“

Trigeminal Neuralgia

  1. Symptom: Suffered from trigeminal neuralgia for 17 years and the pain level has never been below a 6.
  2. Protocol: Y probe mode one was what I tried first and did not have the same impact as it did on the first woman so then I followed with a bull’s-eye protocol and that brought it to zero for the very first time since it started.
  3. Results: It was the first time she’s been able to roll down her window in 17 years because a slight breeze would set her face on fire.
  1. Symptom: Suffered from trigeminal neuralgia for 15 years.
  2. Protocol: Y probe on mode one through usual frequencies and then bull’s-eye protocol on the epicenter.
  3. Results: Has been pain-free for 14 months now.
  1. Symptom: Age 15 or 16, coughing, wheezing issues. Anxiety issues
  2. Protocol: Spinal stimulation, ear clips. Only one session which lasted 30-40 minutes.
  3. Result: She was feeling calmer, started to shed parasites through feces. Within a week she had a craving for grapes, she could only eat broccoli and beef, everything else gave her a reaction, grapes did not give her any reaction.

Car Accident

  1. Symptom: Broke her neck, 5 years in pain every single day. She would be at a point that her pain caused immobilization
  2. Protocol: 30 minutes of bullseye and y-probe.
  3. Result: The first day, her pain level was zero.


  1. Symptom: 2 sinus surgeries, but she could still not breathe right and had no sense of smell.
  2. Protocol: 3 protocols, fibrous mass came out of her nose. The patient was in a supine position, two single hand probes in mode 1, and worked on the depressor supercilii muscle. The area was treated for a total of 4 minutes at a frequency of 10,20,40 at the patient’s intensity tolerance. Also worked the sternocleidomastoid muscle where the lymph nodes are located.
  3. Result: She can breathe easier, and was able to smell for the first time in 5 years.

Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression

  1. Symptom: 2 sinus surgeries, but she could still not breathe right and had no sense of smell.
  2. Protocol: 3 protocols, fibrous mass came out of her nose. The patient was in a supine position, two single hand probes in mode 1, and worked on the depressor supercilii muscle. The area was treated for a total of 4 minutes at a frequency of 10,20,40 at the patient’s intensity tolerance. Also worked the sternocleidomastoid muscle where the lymph nodes are located.
  3. Result: She can breathe easier, and was able to smell for the first time in 5 years.
  1. Symptoms: Pain all over the body, primarily in the joints 6/10 pain level, it would get so bad on certain days that she would lose speech and motor function. Cystic acne in face, brain fog, swollen thyroid (twice its size), digestion issues.
  2. Protocol: Spinal stimulation with 1-inch plate at occiput and starting at coccyx. Lymphatic session.
  3. Results: After 30 min of first spinal stimulation she was pain-free for the very first time in 8 years. The pain stayed away for 3 weeks. After going outside diet, 50% of pain came back, it took a 10-minute session to get it to zero again. Cystic acne was gone less than 3 weeks later, the thyroid is back to normal size, and regained control of her life.
  1. Symptoms: Migraines at least once a day from years ‘08-’19. Stopped taking her prescribed medications (Topomax & Vicodin), and her headaches became sporadic; around 10-15 a month. Then, had severe migraine on going for 30 days which kept her from working
  2. Protocol: Ear clip and headband protocol and in a couple of minutes the headache was gone.
  3. Result: Headache gone within minutes and noticed her vision improved dramatically. Has only had 1 headache in the last 3 months.
  1. Symptoms: 15 years of every day severe sciatic nerve pain, injury from shot given to he in the thigh. Severe pain shooting from her lower back to the back and side of her leg. Pain level 6/10.
  2. Protocol: Placed a 1 inch plate on the on meridian spots from epicenter of pain. 98% is the gallbladder line. Where needle injury took place a bullseye protocol was used. Both protocols were done on mode 1 std. Cycle.
  3. Results: Zero pain in either sciatic or the thigh injury spot after 25 minutes. It is still gone ( 2 months past protocol).
  1. Symptoms: Shoulder and neck pain between 6-8 on a 10 scale. Limited range of motion in the right shoulder, could not get arm above shoulder level and had a hard time turning her neck in either direction.
  2. Protocol: Mode 1 protocol with plates on the shoulder joint and on the energy lines connected. Finished with Y probe. Time it took was less than an hour.
  3. Results: Pain in neck and shoulder went to almost zero after 1 session, 90% improvement in range of motion. Pain came back around 2 weeks later, and got it to zero. Had to also do some chiropractic sessions to align spine and neck.
  1. Symptoms: Could not lift arm above shoulder, pain level was at a six most days but it could be as high as an 8 or 9.
  2. Protocol: Protocol with plates on the energy lines connected to where the pain was and finished with Y probe
  3. Results: After 25 minutes, had full range of motion and zero pain for the first time in two years.

Traumatic Brain Injury

  1. Symptom: Constant head pain over the forehead, restricted neck rotation, eyelid twitching, and muscle tightness with occasional cramps. Mild short-term recall memory problems, mild jumbled speech at times, hypersensitivities to food, lightheadedness with low blood sugar symptoms, constipation. Cause -> 8 years ago fell 12 feet during a cheerleading drill striking the back of her head with no loss of consciousness.
  2. Protocol: 5-day plan, C1, sacrum and ear clips, TMJ protocol, auricular protocol with treating 7 mast points of well being and focus on brainstem and occiput points. Neck and sacrum bilateral. Accompanied by other vitamins and mineral replacements. (Magnesium IV daily, skull unjamming, selenium, zinc and fulvic minerals, b-complex, fish oil omega 3, adrenal support, vit A,D,E,K, Inositol, MCT protocol, lions mane)
  3. Result: More improvement in 5 days then she had in 8 years, pain in the head that was constant had decreased to periods of pain, near full rotation of the neck, muscle loosening, periods of sleepiness with calm (parasympathetic), power of hope, forgiveness, and believing.

Blurry Vision

  1. Symptoms: Had fallopian tubes cleaned out, 9 days later her vision went from 20/20 to blurry. Iodine poisoning from the solution used.
  2. Protocol: Placed 2 one inch plates on the 01 and 02 spots on the occiput for brain mapping and went through std. Mode 1 protocol.
  3. Results: Right at the start of the protocol .5 frequency she could see clearly again. Has remained that way since then. (6 months have passed)

Sports Knee Injury

  1. Symptoms: Developed swelling on knee quite rapidly with localized moderately severe medial and anterior knee pain. Does have a history of ACL reconstruction over 25 years ago with no residual symptoms.
  2. Protocol: protocol protocol (trigger/non-trigger probe)was used for the first that then followed with the extended time plate protocol on 4 days over a 2 week period. Systemic Protocol after 2-3 basic protocols completed.
  3. Results: Symptoms of pain improved over the first two days of protocol, (7/20) by December pain in medial and lateral knee resolved. Received subsequent protocols until 2/2/2019. Since, he has been pain free and remained physically active.

Whiplash Injury

  1. Symptoms: Patient left with severe neck pain, reduced rotation/flexion/extension and with gait instability.
  2. Protocol: Ear clips, C1 plate and sacral plate. Plated cervical spine with ear clips. Y-probe massage and seal.
  3. Result: No pain after the first 1.5 hour session and the patient fell sleep. Pain returned over the weekend. After 5 sessions, pain nearly resolved.

Hives from insect bite

  1. Symptoms: Insect bite with hives reaction.
  2. Protocol: Placed on ear clips for 1 hour, C1 plate and sacral plate, ran on a meditation protocol.
  3. Results: Itching went from 10/10 to 4/10 and sustained within 1 protocol. It is key to understand neurological input to the immune system.

Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, brain fog

  1. Symptoms: Joint pain, nerve like pain in hands/feet, fatigue with exertion during biking and exercise(had never happened before). These episodes would come in “flares”. Developed a gas reflex which was found to be “Barrett’s esophagus” and searched for a natural doctor, after detox and going on vacation but he relapsed. Had a delayed horizontal saccade which can represent structures in the mid brain or ear.
  2. Protocol: Myers cocktail IV with high magnesium and Vit C, skull unjamming technique, exercise with oxygen therapy with adaptive contrast, 2-3 hours of equiscope work using brain protocols, prayer and emotional healing. This was done daily 5 days a week for 14 days total. Plate at C1 and sacrum with ear clips for 1 hour max intensity of 100 doing 10-15 minutes of each cycle at 0.5,2.5,5,10 Hz, TMJ protocol, hand cradle with stimulation of finger tips and toes for neurosensory integration.
  3. Results: After the first week, he felt his extremities significantly warmer, energy level improved, does not get stuffy nose, hives and strange symptoms any more after eating.

Pain due to Cancer

  1. Symptoms: Bone metastases in left humeral head and shoulder blade which limited range of movement of the left arm and pain when trying to raise it. Ultrasound data of bicep tendonitis present for several weeks.
  2. Protocol: Equiscope mode 1 and 2 for 5 sessions. Plates were placed at shoulder blade trigger point, long head of the biceps and at the coracoid process insertion of the short head of the biceps tendon. All frequencies were used in mode 1 for 1 minute each, on mode 2 standard frequencies and Y probe massage at the end with 40Hz.
  3. Results: After 5 sessions there was partial response, she was able to improve her range of movement and the pain referred was less.
  1. Symptoms: Metastatic implants in the right pleura which triggered sharp pain when deep breathing and when lying on his right side. This pain also conditioned tension in the right scapular elevator muscle (on going for 3 weeks).
  2. Protocol: Equiscope mode 1 and 2 for 5 sessions. Plates were placed at scapular elevator muscle, LU 1 and LU 2 acupuncture points and tender point above the metastatic pleural implant. Standard frequencies were used on mode 1 and mode 2 for 5 minutes each, Y probe massage on levator scapulae at the end on mode 2, 40Hz
  3. Results: After 3 sessions the pain and tension on the scapular elevator muscle was completely resolved and after 5 sessions there was a significant improvement of the pleuritic pain, he was able to sleep better.
  1. Symptoms: Lower back pain, severer tension of the paravertebral muscles on lumbar area, left side predominant.
  2. Protocol: Equiscope mode 1 and 2 for 3 sessions. Plates were placed along lumbar paravertebral muscles where trigger points were activated. Standard frequencies were used on mode 1 and mode 2 for 5 minutes each and bilateral Y probe massage on lumbar area at the end on mode 2, at 40Hz.
  3. Results: After 3 sessions, the tension and pain improved significantly, and she also required a paracentesis to resolve ascites.

Sports Injury

  1. Symptoms: Hit in the left temple by a golf ball in 2014. Dx’d with TBI and brain bleed.  Since that time has been in car accidents (rear-ended) 3 times. Suffers from pain daily. Also with nausea, headaches, brain fog, pain in the neck, limited ROM in the neck, esp side to side.  Feels like the neck and back of the head are “very electric”. Has been doing craniosacral therapy for several years with minimal and short-lived results.
  2. Protocol/Results: 1st session-ear clips, headband, and Y-probe to neck/upper back. After that session states “I’m amazed” ROM improved in the neck by 45%, pain decreased by 60%. Returned several times for headband sessions, bilateral spinal, Y-probe to neck and back. After each headband session, he reports feeling very “calm”. Doing well in the last session and was very pleased with the results. He’s planning to return when the schedule allows.


  1. Symptoms: Dx w/fibromyalgia 15+ yrs ago.  Takes Cymbalta and Gabapentin. Lots of pain in jaw especially left side due to tumor removal from lower jaw bone about 5 yrs ago. Lots of generalized pain.
  2. Protocol/Results: Bullseye to bilat TMJ with Y-probe to follow. No pain after the session. Repeated session x1. Headband protocol discussed childhood and teenage trauma. Returned for 3 sessions for generalized soft tissue pain. Plates and Y-probe to painful areas. One week after sessions she stated ‘I was able to hug my kids for the first time without pain in 10 years. 6 week follow up- states she’s doing well!


  1. Symptoms: Ex-military, some PTSD, but does not feel he suffers from that now. No known triggers. ℅ not sleeping well. Goes to sleep ok, but wakes up after 4 hours or so. Unable to fall back asleep. Tried reading, eating, praying, TV, etc. Does not want to take medication.
  2. Protocol/Results: After just learning of a case study from H. Gotham in a similar situation, did headband protocol x4. After the first session, slept 7 hours and has consistently since. Follow-up was done regularly and still sleeping well every night. He’s very happy with his results!


  1. Symptoms: ℅ migraine headaches that can last up to 2 weeks. No known triggers, but suspects stress…job, parenting, etc. Headaches cause nausea and light sensitivity and will usually make her want to go to bed. She has meds to take if she absolutely has to, but does not like to take them.
  2. Protocol/Results: Headband x3 sessions and hormone balance. We talked about possible food or environmental triggers. Follow up after 6 weeks… did not have one migraine in 6 weeks.

Tendonitis / Tears

  1. Symptoms: Diagnosed with tendonitis in the right forearm. Difficulty lifting heavier things and is a constant ache
  2. Protocol: Standard points along the forearm to elbow then Y probe…this protocol was done twice. Standard plate 1x1s at common extensor tendon and posterior wrist (extensor retinaculum area) plus 1×1 medial and lateral elbow then Y probe.
  3. Results: Had increased pain after the first session – a not nervous about continuing sessions. after 3 sessions feeling much better now with no pain when working out or lifting heavier items
  1. Symptom: 1st-grade tear in the right thumb tendon
  2. Protocol: 2 sessions with 1×1 plate on thumb pad with second smallest lymph disc – movement up and down thumb on both sides (anterior and posterior) along the tendon. G90 to start. Y probe.
  3. Results: After the second session he saw his doctor.  All bandages and protection were removed.  Doctors say he’s fine no bandages required.  Came once more for a session (after playing a school volleyball game without pain). Third session standard points protocol with additional stim time on Mode 2 F10.

Trigger Finger

  1. Symptom: Right-hand pinkie finger – trigger starting
  2. Session: 2 sessions of standard points protocol on either side of the finger as well as tip to inside wrist following tendon.  Y probe.
  3. Results: Moment back and able to play guitar w/o issue

Chronic Pain-Garbutt, Technician, Jenny

  1. Symptom: Chronic lower back pain – in glute area then wrapping around the leg (seems like nerve issue).
  2. Protocol: Standard points low back and left glute area.  Y probe caused too much stinging even at the lowest intensity. Bullseye glute: able to use y probe, bilateral spinal. Found she is sleeping better with less stiffness when getting up in the morning. 1×3 above and below the left iliac crest.  Also 2×2 top and base of the spine.  Standard plates protocol.  She is feeling less guarded, less rigid, and is able to bend over without thinking about it. This protocol was done twice: bilateral spinal final session.
  3. Result: She was able to be in a seated position at work for a longer time and felt ok.  Didn’t realize she could feel this good.  Moving quite freely, walking approximately 30 minutes a day without a problem now.  Pain has reduced from a constant 6/7 to a 0/1.

Skiing Accident (Meniscus Tear)

  1. Symptom: Diagnosed by Physio/ Dr with a right knee medial meniscus tear from a skiing accident.  She has been scheduled for surgery. Unable to bend the knee more than 90 degrees also unable to straighten completely.  Can only do stairs one stair at a time.
  2. Protocol: standard points protocol around the knee.  Required to start with Mode 2.  Y probe F40 and 80 5 minutes each.  Seal End session.  Swelling reduced – able to straighten the knee and bend approx 15 degrees past 90. Can walk stairs slowly. Bullseye protocol at knee – had a headache afterward and knee was achier. I encouraged more water for flushing. After 6 area-focused sessions, she is feeling good and able to squat w/only a slight twinge. She also noticed her very odd vein has not popped out or caused any pain since starting sessions.
  3. Results: Went to see specialist/surgeon – he has advised her she does not need surgery.  The knee is healing nicely. She came for one more ‘good measure’ session.  Has no pain and us feeling good.

Chronic Pain – Rankin Jr, N.D, Michael

  1. Symptom: Pain her entire life since she was born. At 10 years old she had a serious curvature of her spine right between her shoulder blades (diagnosed by a chiropractor).
  2. Protocol: 40 min session, spinal protocol. Used plates as well.
  3. Result: Had zero pain right after the first treatment.

Burns – Technician, Garbutt, Jenny

  1. Symptoms: 2nd degree and possible 3rd-degree burn to the right top of the foot. The doctor said that she will not be able to wear a closed shoe for at least 3-4 months.
  2. Protocol: 1×1 plate on pas of foot sole and using large round lymph disc around burn area. Similar to Standard points protocol with increased stim times on Mode 2. Redness substantially reduced. After 2 sessions burn area started to change in color. After 3 sessions (14 days later) able to put on a sandal w/o pain. Skin no longer feeling stretched/pulling. Continues with same protocol for 2 more sessions (able to get much closer to centre burn area).
  3. Results: Faster healing process and a happy client.
  1. Symptoms: Broken pinky proximal interphalangeal joint on his roping hand over a year ago. The joint is now frozen in a bent position and he is unable to straighten it even with force. He can bend it just enough to hold his rope lightly but cannot tightly control it.
  2.  Protocol: Protocol 1-> Used plates + probe in the finger area. Mode 1, gain 45, intensity 600. Mode 2 Intensity 400. Finished with y probe. Protocol 2-> used plates + probe in the finger area. Mode 1, gain 35, intensity 600 and mode 2. Protocol 3-> Systemic, bilateral spinal and immersion. Mode 1 Gain 40, intensity 600. Mode 2 intensity 600.
  3. Results: After first session, the joint feels less tight. Prior to the second session, the patient was able to close fingertip to palm, to crunch rope but still not able to straighten. After third session, the patient was able to slide hand into pocket with less difficulty.

Foot injury, Technician, Gravitt, Kristy

  1.  Symptoms: 17 yr old male basketball player. Injured right foot during practice. X-ray confirmed small fracture to top of the foot. Pain was a 6-7 and it increased to 8-9 while standing or running on foot. Very minimal swelling at site and no visible injury.
  2.  Protocol: Protocol 1-> Immersion protocol using standard protocol and followed by yprobe. Protocol 2 and 3 followed similar session as protocol 1 and were done 4 hours apart due to an upcoming important practice.
  3.  Results: After first session the pain reduced by 70%. After practice began post 2 additional protocols; the patient reports having pain at the beginning and a few minutes later, he felt a rush of blood to foot and pain completely disappeared. Three days later, he played 3 basketball games with very little to no pain.

Autism – Ryan, MS,CCLS, Rickie Lee

  1. Symptoms: Mild autism, rigidity/defiant, attention issues, behavior challenges, social challenger, sensory processing issues, among others.
  2. Protocol: Std. Microcurrent Autism Protocol, modified to finish all 36 sessions in 7 weeks. Headband 3-5 times a week, Systemic (Bilateral spinal, etc.) 1-2 times a week.
  3.  Results: Mild Detoxification Symptoms (lethargy, irritability, decreased appetite, watery stools, sporadic & only in first few weeks). Immediate improvements in social awareness, following directions, communicating needs. Over 3.5 years has continuously improved in academic level, socializing, less defiant, sense of humor, confidence.

Leg, Foot, & Numbness – Technician, Williams, Darren

Vietnam war veteran retired Air Force fueling engineer. History of multitudes of chronic ailments including but not limited to: dual hip replacements, heart stints, kidney cancer currently in remission, exposure to dry cleaning chemicals and various petroleum fuels, diagnosed Neuropathy legs and feet.

  1. Symptoms: Numbness in the legs and feet, shooting pain legs and feet. Loss of feeling in feet. Subject reports having to use a cane to keep from falling because he can’t feel his feet to keep from tripping.
  2.  Protocol: Subject received a total of four one-hour sessions. Three in three consecutive days. One a week later. First session: Thorp’s standard plate protocol utilizing one amplifier box and three 1×1 plates. Single plate on BL26 lumbar region and plates from box on solar arch of each foot (stomach 27). Y probe feet and cleared two bladder meridian points lower lumbar. Second session: Thorp’s standard ear clips and bilateral spinal. Third session: plate on GV6 trigger probes points on governing vessel, B57 and balls of feet. Y probe feet. Fourth session plate on GV16, trigger probe reflexology points of feet. Y probe feet.
  3.  Results: Subject reported some pain relief after first session. Significant pain relief and increased feeling in feet after second and third sessions. After one week response time, subject reported significant improvement in feeling in control of his legs and pain reduction. Spoke to client a year later and he was still walking without assistance of a cane.
  4. Observation: Upon first meeting, subject required a cane to walk and was very unsteady and unsure of his legs. Subject came back on day two with his cane but not using his cane. Did not bring the cane on third visit.
  5. Follow up: Subject returned in a year and a half for two sessions when he started to feel some pain. I administered basic protocols and he has not returned.

Pain, Technician, Gravitt, Kristy

  1. Symptoms: 72 yr old male complains of pain in thumb. States it feels like a hot poker at time. No known injuries and has bothered him for about a year. Limits his use due to pain. Pain level of 5-6 and shoots to 8 with certain movement.
  2. Protocol: Bullseye to left thumb followed by y-probe. Repeated session 2 days later to thumb with bullseye and hand to hand with cylinders.
  3.  Results: After first protocol, the patient states 100% relief of the hot nerve pain he had prior to session. Very minimal discomfort with movements that usually cause pain. After protocols and follow up, patient was having no noticeable pain in either hand and experienced a great increase in energy. He plans to return to address chronic shoulder pain.

Dementia and Alzheimer's – Technician, Gravitt, Kristy

  1. Symptoms: Diagnosed with dementia and subsequently Alzheimer’s. Concerns about him not engaging in conversations much and his lack of memory.
  2. Protocol: Protocol 1-> earclips.
  3.  Results: After 5 minutes, he started talking, bringing up happy memories with his daughter and laughing. He asked to go back and do another ear clip but he became ill and passed away.

Sciatic pain – Technician, Gravitt, Kristy

  1. Symptoms: 7Suffering with sciatic pain. Fairly healthy and active. Wanting to go hunting in a week but pain is keeping him from being able to walk a long distance.
  2. Protocol: Used sciatic pain protocol using GB and BL points, performed that protocol twice and followed up with a bilateral spinal on the 3rd session.
  3. Results: He had no pain and was able to go to his hunting trip.

Knee injury – Technician, Gravitt, Kristy

  1. Symptoms: Fell and landed on left knee 5 months ago. Has had pain since. Worse after being on feet for a while. Stays active and serves church frequently.
  2.  Protocol: Bullseye, plates, bilateral spinal.
  3.  Results: Follow up after 6 weeks…patient doing great, no pain. “Will holler if I need you!”

Foot Pain – Technician, Pearson, Melissa

  1. Symptoms: Foot pain allegedly attributed to shoes and dismissed any kind of diabetic neuropathy.
  2.  Protocol: Protocol 1 used a through and through to target the area of pain. Proceeded to change the approach for other foot by using the Ba Feng points for neuropathy with probes.
  3. Results: Very little relief using through and through. Ba Feng points caused pain to subside almost completely. Foot texture and coloring of the skin also seemed to change.

Inflammatory reaction – Technician, McNamara, Ladd

  1. Symptoms: Quickly developed weakness, tingling, and numbness in her feet, legs, and hands; unable to walk or stand without assistance due to weakness and inability to maintain balance. She was diagnosed with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. Despite treatment from a neurologist, she presented 4 months from onset for electrotherapy upon referral that it “might help.” Upon presentation, she used a standing walker to maintain balance, was clearly unstable as she was helped upon a table. She could not walk without assistance. She complained of persistent fatigue, weakness in all extremities, numbness, and tingling, mostly in legs and feet, and also hands.
  2.  Protocol: Bilateral Spinal twice per week for 4 weeks, and then once per week for 4 weeks. During the third week, she received hands-to-feet systemic protocol, as well as a headband, and auricular.
  3.  Results: After the first session she got off the table, and was able to walk without assistance. She had a 90% reduction of tingling and numbness in her lower extremities and 100% resolution in her hands. She was able to maintain balance for 6 to 8 hours after her first session, before requiring her walker. After the second session, she had 100% resolution of polyneuropathy from all extremities, she had increased strength, and was able to walk without a walker and assistance for 3 days, until her next appointment. After the third session, she no longer required her walker, and she was able to walk many blocks around the neighborhood three-to-four times per week without the use of a walker. Each successive visit, she had only minor areas of numbness and tingling that arose days after her prior session, mostly in her left foot or lower thigh, which completely resolved after another Bilateral Spinal session.

Migraines and blurry vision – Equiscope Technician

  1. Symptoms: Presents aura migraines. Has blurry vision on the upper half of his vision. No pain is associated with these migraines. This client struggles with sinus congestion, brain fog, and fatigue. This client also has chronic stiffness in the shoulders.
  2.  Protocol: 1 equiscope session using bullseye for points on the head, and back of the neck into the base of the skull. Included some governing vessel points, temporalis points, and points above the ear.
  3.  Results: This client experienced clarity, no blurriness in the vision, and less tension in his shoulder.

Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression – Rankin Jr, N.D, Michael

  1. Symptom: Medical diagnosis of severe anxiety, depression, and migraines started at around 8 years old. 3 different drugs for sleep, 2 drugs for depression, and one drug each for anxiety and migraine emergencies as needed. Cystic acne after steroid use, low blood sugar. Severe migraines cause immobilization, affecting her work.
  2. Protocol: Ear clips mode 1, rotated systemic protocols with thyroid to pelvis, and trigger probe spinal stimulations. Headaches would come occasionally as improvement was also made, so headband and ear clips were also done.
  3. Result: Migraines reduced by more than half in one month with only 2 sessions. After 4 months of treatment accompanied by lymphatic and other detox, she had 1 migraine in six weeks. Almost drug-free. Takes time due to her high initial dosage.

Shoulder Injury Due to Working Out with Heavy Weights

  1. Symptoms: Could not lift arm above shoulder, pain level was at a six most days but it could be as high as an 8 or 9.
  2. Protocol: Protocol with plates on the energy lines connected to where the pain was and finished with Y probe
  3. Results: After 25 minutes, had full range of motion and zero pain for the first time in two years.

Hives from insect Bite – Brock, M.D, Matthew

  1. Symptoms: Insect bite with hives reaction.
  2. Protocol: Placed on ear clips for 1 hour, C1 plate and sacral plate, ran on a meditation protocol.
  3. Results: Itching went from 10/10 to 4/10 and sustained within 1 treatment. It is key to understand neurological input to the immune system.

Lung issues and COPD – Equiscope Technician

  1. Symptoms: History of lung issues, right side superior lobectomy at age 23, former smoker, 34 years in auto manufacturing facility, diagnosed COPD shortness of breath, coughing, lack of energy, tightness in chest, inability to complete normal tasks without bronchiole inhaler.
  2. Protocol: Three, one-hour sessions on three consecutive days. First and second sessions standard plates protocol utilizing amplifier boxes and four plates. Red port on L1 below clavicle both sides, blue port BL21 and BL45 posterior bottom of the rib cage. Third session standard bilateral spinal utilizing trigger and indifferent probes.
  3. Result: Subject reported immediate reduction in tightness and discomfort and increased lung capacity. After completion of three sessions and two days response time subject reported a near complete recovery no longer in need of inhaler.
  4. Follow up: Subject – now 80 – continues to receive quarterly maintenance therapy where original Protocol plan is repeated and continues to breath and live an active lifestyle without inhalers.

Post-concussion issues

  1. Symptoms: Due to car accidents and fall. One concussion at age 13, 20, and in 2018. Shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, heartburn, bruises easily, night sweats, insomnia, poor circulation, muscle weakness, low energy, depression, mouth breathing.
  2. Protocol: Concussion Protocol. 1 hr each session 1-2 times a week. Headband with 4 one by one plates (Front to back of scalp, consistent with mechanism of injury). Mode 1, less time in theta, most time in 8/10. Systemic Protocols once a week after 30 in headband protocol (bilateral spinal, governing vessel, lymph drain). For 1-2 months or until symptoms resolve. Change in diet-> no junk food and alcohol, reduced use of marijuana.
  3. Result: Week 1-6 of therapy; reduction in severity and frequency of headaches, increased sleep and energy, decreased anxiety and depression, improved mood, return to fitness routine. Reduction in session frequency to once a week for week (5/6).
  4. Unexpected: At week 8 suffered another concussion due to car accident, all symptoms returned with worse sleep, anxiety and concentration symptoms and severe neck pain.
  5. Week 8-15: longer headband treatment sessions, now side to side, 3-4 hours of therapy each week, same improvements but slightly longer recovery time. Systemic sessions were swapped for cervical spine protocols.
  6. Week 16-17: 9 calendar weeks since completing therapy, returned for 6 follow-up sessions and full recovery of symptoms.

Chronic back issues – Technician, Williams, Darren

  1. Symptoms: History of chronic back issues, severe scoliosis, diagnosed sciatica. Low back pain, left hip pain, radiating pain in left leg. Reported 10 on pain scale. Observation: subject bent over and barely mobile.  
  2. Protocol: Subject received three one-hour sessions on three consecutive days. First session slightly modified Thorp grid protocol utilizing trigger and indifferent probes. Lower lumbar with the addition of lateral points on hip joints utilizing Thorp’s “to and through concept.” Y probe lumbar. Second session Thorp’s standard plate protocol utilizing four 1×1 plates and amplifier boxes. One on right Posterior greater sciatic foramen (rear hip joint adjacent to the tail bone). The other plate Anterior of the hip joint, piriformis Origin. The other two laterally on each hip joint. Third session Thorp’s standard bilateral spinal. Y probe left knee for some reported discomfort.  
  3. Results: Subject reported Significant reduction in pain of the lower back. Increase of mobility after first session; still reporting hip pain before second session. Reported reduction in hip pain and increase in mobility after second session. Subject reported pain-free after third session. 
  4. Follow up: Subject has only experienced two relapse episodes, greatly less severe, in three years. Both requiring one repeat of session two hip plate protocol. 

Knee gout and lumbar spine pain

  1. Symptoms: L knee gout extreme pain 15/10. Took 2 gout pills and pain is now 7/10. Low back R side pain 3/10.  
  2. Protocol: Plates protocol -> Immersion with y-probe massage on the L knee using swelling/injury protocol. Mode 2 intensity 600. Y probe to the L knee and pain went down. Attached plates to L spleen and R post liver while immersion and detox protocol. Mode 2 intensity 600/ and finished with sealing protocol on L knee. Second protocol -> headband on mode 1 intensity 300 max gain, with reiki.   
  3. Results: Feeling lightheaded and relaxed. Knee pain is now a 5/10 and low back is 2/10 pain level .