Regain Peak Physical Performance: Reduce Chronic Inflammation

Regain Peak Physical Performance: Reduce Chronic Inflammation
March 2, 2022

You may have heard the term peak performance thrown around a lot while watching sports shows or working out at the gym. But peak physical performance doesn’t only apply to athletes. We all need to be at our peak physical performance if we want to show up for ourselves, our work, and our families.

One thing that can drastically reduce peak physical performance is chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is slow, long-term inflammation that can last several months to years. Typically, chronic inflammation is a result of an injury, infection, toxin, or your body’s attempts to overcome some damage.

There are also several chronic inflammatory disorders that have no cure. They’re usually managed with therapy that only addresses the symptoms and not the underlying cause of the inflammation.

  • Are you constantly feeling fatigued?
  • Do you live with never-ending body pain?
  • Have you been suffering from depression or anxiety?
  • Have you lost or gained weight unexpectedly?
  • Do you have persistent infections?

These are all signs of chronic inflammation.

If you’ve been suffering from chronic inflammation and have been trying to get back to your personal peak physical performance, then you may have already visited a variety of professionals.

You may even have given up and decided that the only way to reduce chronic inflammation – for instance, get knee joint pain relief – is to take anti-inflammatory medications for the rest of your life.

chart showing in words what causes chronic inflammationThere are better ways to deal with inflammation, though.

How to Reduce Chronic Inflammation With Equiscope Therapy

Research has shown that electricity runs through your body. It is essential for cell-to-cell communication and making your body work. That means that if your body has an electrical “power outage,” you’ll have no bodily control or even the awareness of what’s going on around you!

So if you’ve got faulty wiring, showing up in inflamed tissue for example, you may need a jump start to get the electricity flowing smoothly again.

We’re talking about using a non-invasive machine called Equiscope. This machine comfortably delivers microcurrents in the pico range to specific affected areas of your body. Your practitioner does this via small metal plates or probes placed on your skin. The microcurrent is so relaxing that users often fall asleep during an Equiscope session!

Traditional protocols aren’t always a viable option for people who suffer from chronic inflammation. For those people, Equiscope Therapy may be a long-term solution. Check out what happened when Jessie visited her Equiscope practitioner.

Equiscope Therapy Helps Jessie Regain Peak Physical Performance

Jessie suffered from migraines that lasted up to two weeks each time. She didn’t know the cause but suspected the combined stresses of her job and parenting might be contributing.

Although she loved her job and her kids, when suffering from a migraine she couldn’t think of reaching her usual peak physical performance in either area. Nausea and light sensitivity made her want to go to bed more than travel to work or help with homework!

Jessie hated taking meds unless there was no other option. After attempting to avoid food and environmental triggers with little luck, she found a local Equiscope practitioner. She had three Electro-Equiscope sessions and also underwent protocol for a hormone imbalance. Six weeks later, she had not had a single further migraine!

Are you ready to be free of chronic inflammation and reach your peak physical performance?

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Regain Peak Physical Performance: Reduce Chronic Inflammation
We show you what causes the chronic inflammation that reduces your peak physical performance, and how Equiscope therapy can relieve that inflammation at the cellular level and help you regain your peak physical output.