Nerve Pain Relief with Equiscope Therapy

Nerve Pain Relief with Equiscope Therapy
April 20, 2022

You know what to do for a headache. You know how to attack menstrual cramps. But just how do you go about nerve pain relief? That’s a great question. And there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

The cause of nerve pain is complex. It’s generally not something you can treat yourself with an over-the-counter pain reliever. And doctors often can’t get to the root of it. Nerve pain has been lumped together into many different conditions like

  • neuropathy,
  • fibromyalgia,
  • rheumatoid arthritis,
  • lupus, and
  • other autoimmune diseases.

The one thing that these conditions have in common (besides the pain in the nerve!) is that they’re all still a bit of a mystery to Western medicine.

Because the cause of nerve pain is so fleeting, conventional protocols are based on nerve pain management techniques rather than curing the underlying cause of the pain – i.e. offering nerve pain relief. This approach usually includes lifestyle changes, diet and exercise regimens, and prescriptions drugs to treat the symptoms.

However, many prescription drugs to relieve nerve pain are addictive, especially those that treat severe nerve pain. There’s even a risk of people with chronic pain becoming reliant on over-the-counter painkilling medicines like acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen.

Quote from the text stating that many prescription drugs for nerve pain relief are addictiveSo what do you do?

If you’ve found that

  • conventional pain management techniques have not helped,
  • you’ve been taking painkillers for more than 10 days in a row and are still in pain, or
  • you’re sick of living with constant debilitating pain,

then it’s time to take another approach.

Equiscope Therapy for Nerve Pain

While Equiscope therapy can successfully work for nerve pain management, the Electro-Equiscope also has the capacity to get rid of nerve pain for good. It does this by helping to restore the damaged cells at the root of the problem. The cells then function normally and the pain can go away.

Let’s take a look at how it worked for Gwen.

At age 57, Gwen had such severe carpal tunnel syndrome that she could not write, sleep, or even brush her hair. At her wit’s end, Gwen made an appointment for double carpal tunnel surgery.

Luckily, she had time before her surgery to fit in three Equiscope sessions using specialized, metal, double hand cylinders. After two sessions with her Equiscope practitioner, she was not only pain free, but she canceled her surgery!

Equiscope for all ages.

Unfortunately, nerve pain can crop up no matter what your age. For instance, as early as age 14, Denise suffered from sciatic pain all day, every day. After 15 years of trying to live a normal life and trying everything to get rid of the sciatic pain, she was fed up.

At that point, she discovered Electro-Equiscope and was willing to give it a try. Her Equiscope practitioner focused on her gall bladder meridian, which runs through the hip and is often associated with sciatic pain.

After just a few minutes, Denise’s pain level had dropped to zero. She experienced complete relief for several months. The pain began to return, so she returned for a quick tune-up and left pain free.

Ready To Do More Than Just Manage Your Symptoms?

You can learn more about how to reduce inflammation and get nerve pain relief with Equiscope therapy at Intellbio – the exclusive distributor of the Electro-Equiscope.

Or, even better, make an appointment with a local practitioner who can answer your questions and get you started on a pain-free path today!

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Nerve Pain Relief with Equiscope Therapy
We discuss traditional methods of nerve pain relief and how Equiscope therapy can help healing at a cellular level – with case studies about sciatic pain and carpel tunnel syndrome.