Managing Pain with Electro-Equiscope

Managing Pain with Electro-Equiscope
December 6, 2023

Managing pain is difficult. It’s easy to become despondent or even angry at not discovering an effective pain relief method. You can become scared you’ll have to endure this discomfort or agony indefinitely. Or, worse, that your cherished horse, dog, cat, or other loved family member might suffer persistently from a painful injury or chronic ailment and you can’t help them.

You’re not alone in feeling this way.

Countless individuals and animals endure chronic or sudden pain that diminishes their life quality. And it’s likely you’ve explored every conventional pain relief option available for both yourself and your pets, including

  • drugs,
  • hot and cold compresses,
  • mindfulness (for you, at least, not your pet!),
  • dietary adjustments, and more.

Pain Management is Not Enough

While these strategies may bring benefits temporarily, managing pain in both humans and animals often focuses on the management aspect rather than its elimination.

Pain management aims to help you tolerate discomfort temporarily, possibly by distracting your brain from the sensation. You can make a horse or dog comfortable, for example. However, this approach doesn’t resolve the pain; it merely assists in enduring it.

So – what if real pain relief isn’t found in conventional remedies but in a more profound solution? Like the cutting-edge Electro-Equiscope, which takes a cellular focus to find root causes of pain.

A Cellular Focus for Managing Pain to Resolve It

Although revolutionary, the idea of a cellular remedy has existed for years. It addresses the cause of any pain at the root level. Think of your root drive on your computer where all the clever stuff lives. You mostly deal with folders and files, but the data on the root drive is what causes the system to run! Or not.

That’s one reason why looking for the root cause and addressing it in the body’s cells is so effective. An animal’s cells (we’re all animals!) are what run its body, keeping it in good health.

The Electro-Equiscope targets the root cellular cause to manage and resolve pain. The Equiscope protocol is

  • free from chemicals,
  • non-invasive, and
  • effectively returns cells to healthy, non-painful working order from the inside out.

This makes sense. You want as few drugs as possible in your body or your loved animal’s body.

However, when cells malfunction after damage from injury or disease, they cause pain. Equiscope therapy’s non-invasive cellular restoration is true pain management, rejuvenating the damaged cells to their optimal state so they can do their job properly.

This works for a wide variety of pain types, for example insect bites, neck pain, sacroiliac pain in a horse, or a gelding’s pain from an abscess.

pull quote about Equiscope therapy removing impedance and correcting cellular energy for managing pain

How Does the Electro-Equiscope Work for Managing Pain?

The answer is that Equiscope therapy intelligently uses microcurrent technology to identify electrical impedance in the damaged cells that cause the pain. You, as a human, can identify what hurts. A horse or dog, for example, can’t. But the Electro-Equiscope can scan and find the root cause either way.

It then delivers appropriately restorative microcurrent via small plates or probes placed on the skin. This removes the impedance, corrects cellular energy, and kickstarts recovery from injury and pain.

Pain Management and Relief with Equiscope Therapy

Electro-Equiscope offers relief from various types of pain, including pain from inflammation, muscle strains, sports injuries, post-surgical pain, spinal injuries, and more.

As the exclusive provider of the Electro-Equiscope, at Intellbio we’re dedicated to managing pain concerns effectively. Why not find a nearby practitioner or technician for transformative pain management today?

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Managing Pain with Electro-Equiscope
From human to animal care, managing pain with pharmacology is not enough. Learn how the Electro-Equiscope resolves it with a cellular focus.