Knee Pain Management the Equiscope Way

Knee Pain Management the Equiscope Way
April 6, 2022

What a pain in the knee! Our knees carry us everywhere. With so much use, it’s easy to see how they could suffer from the effects of wear and tear. Yet most of us don’t think about them much until one or both knees start to give out. That’s when knee pain management becomes essential.

And it’s not just something older people have to think about. Knee pain doesn’t care how old you are or what kind of health you’re in. The pain could be caused by an injury, like a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage, or medical conditions like arthritis, gout, and infections.

Knee pain management therefore has to deal with a variety of symptoms including

  • swelling
  • stiffness
  • redness
  • warmth to the touch
  • weakness
  • instability
  • popping
  • crunching noises
  • an inability to fully straighten the knee

If you’ve already tried conventional knee pain solutions and are still experiencing pain, it’s time to start looking at bioenergetic healing on a cellular level.

Knee Joint Pain Relief with Electroscope Therapy

Pull-out quote about booking a convenient session for knee pain management with EquiscopeThe Electro-Equiscope is a microcurrent electrotherapeutic technology proven to rapidly eliminate pain and reduce inflammation in every area of the body – and that includes your knees.

How does it do this?

Think of your cells as tiny batteries. Cells that are too low on charge simply aren’t as effective any more. When your body loses the ability to store energy, your body loses the ability to heal itself. Therefore the most effective way that we, at Intellbio, have found to recharge your body’s batteries at the cellular level is by using the Electro-Equiscope.

The science behind Equiscope technology is not new. Microcurrent therapy has been around for decades. Equiscope is simply the new standard in electro-neural and myo stimulation. The Equiscope sends out smaller amps than previous devices, pico amps, helping to make the cells healthier and enabling the body to start healing itself at the cellular level much more quickly.

Thousands of patients have used this therapy and found it to be an affordable – “like magic” – option. They often express astonishment at the rapid improvement in the physical issue they had.

For your knee pain management, your technician will place small metal plates or probes on your skin, in the knee area.

The Electro-Equiscope then scans for damaged cells in your knee tissue – ones that now have a faulty electrical signal or voltage – and reads the damaged waveform. It then sends an opposing waveform safely through your skin, non-invasively, to neutralize this and restore its functioning.

Would You like to Manage Your Knee Pain Better?

Having knee surgery is an ordeal. And physical rehabilitation can be painful and take months. Although both of these options are appropriate in certain circumstances, they may not always be necessary. You now have a choice.

  • Do you want to skip the surgery? The anesthetic? The stitches and wounds?
  • Would you prefer to have no side effects or worries about medication interactions?
  • What if you could have a convenient session scheduled at a time of your choosing with no recovery time?

Intellbio is the exclusive distributor of the Electro-Equiscope, with providers all over the country. If you’re looking for a non-invasive, non-chemical solution for knee pain management or relief, find your local Equiscope practitioner or technician and make an appointment today!

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Knee Pain Management the Equiscope Way
We review knee pain symptoms and explain how the Electro-Equiscope works to manage your knee pain without surgery, anesthetic, or side effects – rapidly!