John Thorp: The Story Behind Electro-Equiscope Protocols

John Thorp: The Story Behind Electro-Equiscope Protocols
November 9, 2022

The topic of “Electro-Equiscope protocols” doesn’t immediately sound like the crux of a good story! But think about it. A story starts with a significant event that sets things off. Then an intriguing series of happenings makes you read on. And finally, you get an outcome that’s way more than you expected.

If you like a good story with a brilliant ending, read on. We’ll tell you about

  • John Thorp’s seriously bad accident,
  • Two healing microcurrent machines, the Electro Acuscope and Myopulse,
  • the Electro-Equiscope with its innovative, advanced technology, and
  • the proprietary protocols offering both humans and animals successful, non-invasive healing from their injuries.

Blockbuster material? Let’s dive into the Electro-Equiscope protocols story.

The Beginning

The story starts with John in 1986. His seriously shattered leg means he’ll no longer be a stuntman, possibly not walk again without chronic pain, and certainly not run a triathlon.

But the hero always meets a friend who helps them – and John’s friend suggests new microcurrent therapy might be a solution to the seemingly impossible healing John needs.

This is where the Electro-Acuscope enters the story. Is it new? No. At the time of this story, it’s the best microcurrent machine available. And it enables John’s leg to heal.

How can that be? Let’s backtrack a moment. The Acuscope was a sophisticated electro-therapy medical unit that healthcare professionals were using to introduce low-voltage microcurrent through injured tissue and accelerate the healing process.

It worked by reading the impedance in the damaged tissue and providing some “energy medicine” to help the cells return to normal working and therefore healing. Nutrients in, waste product out.

But back to the story…

John’s Electro-Equiscope Protocols Story: The Middle

John not only completes a triathlon a little over a year since his injury. He also successfully uses the same Acuscope microcurrent machine to help friends and animals with their own injuries.

But John’s an innovator. That means taking something that exists and using it in a different or perhaps better way that moves it forward significantly.

So – granted the significant results he’s getting – John undertakes a detailed study of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and works out protocols for using a combination of microcurrent technology and acupuncture meridians to bring cellular healing to the whole body.

He spends 30-plus years in healing practice, researching and gradually developing extensive protocol protocols for hundreds of patients with different needs.

It’s this that leads him towards his current, proven proprietary Electro-Equiscope protocols.

But first, why protocols?

The reason is that protocols are not random “try-this-try-that” activities but a system for success in health and wellness.

This system for success was developed through trial and error at a prestigious Loma Lynda hospital, Castle Medical Center in Kailua and Work Well rehabilitation in Kaneohe Hawaii, also an outpatient division of Loma Lynda. Every Electro-Equiscope practitioner and technician today is trained in his proven clinical protocols for both humans and animals.

For example, the 7-Step Detox Series of protocols provides a way to heal yourself naturally instead of having to turn to prescription drugs or surgery.

close up of the machine to illustrate Electro-Equiscope protocols storyThe Happy Ending: Electro-Equiscope Protocols

With more than 35 years of experience in the field of electro-medicine, John now administers and teaches his proprietary, clinically proven protocols to clients and practitioners worldwide. He’s determined to effectively spread the use of microcurrent therapy to normalize damaged tissue and bring healing to as many as possible, as fast as possible.

He uses the most up-to-date, exclusive, and advanced technology now available: the Electro-Equiscope – with dramatic results. It can rapidly eliminate pain and reduce inflammation in every area of the body.

How? It’s because the Electro-Equiscope

  • scans the body for low-conductivity and adjusts the output accordingly through real bio-feedback
  • keeps the current in the pico-amp range – which increases the capacitance and health of cells.

It’s therefore the new standard in electro-neural and myo stimulation, combining all preceding technologies! It’s safe, tested – and a registered Class II medical device.

The happy ending is that John’s two companies, Intelligent Bioenergetics and the Thorp Institute Training Center, now lead the world in promoting non-invasive, drug-free therapy using his proprietary Electro-Equiscope protocols.

Intellbio is the sole provider of the Electro-Equiscope worldwide. And Equiscope therapy has been experienced and proven by thousands of patients. A true blockbuster!

But Were You Hoping For a Sequel? There Is One!

All blockbusters should have a sequel! So –

You can share John’s vision and train to be an Equiscope technician. This not only provides you with a new income stream but allows you to offer both animals and humans rapid healing from pain, injuries, and inflammation.

You then become part of John’s sequel story of bringing healing at the cellular level to all living creatures!

Contact us today for more information about becoming part of the Electro-Equiscope community.

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John Thorp: The Story Behind Electro-Equiscope Protocols
Microcurrent therapy is delivered with the guidance of advanced Electro-Equiscope protocols developed by John Thorp. Read the story of how this came about!