How to Reduce Inflammation with Equiscope Therapy

How to Reduce Inflammation with Equiscope Therapy
November 16, 2021

If your toe, knee, back, or even your gut, perhaps, is showing redness, swelling, or soreness, you probably want to know how to reduce inflammation as quickly as possible. And if your loved animal is suffering and your veterinarian unsure how to solve it, you will definitely want to understand how inflammation affects them. Our horses, dogs, cats, birds, etc., are family members and we care!

We’ll talk about humans here, but the information applies to all animals.

The root cause of all health problems and diseases begins with cellular inflammation.

You’ve maybe injured yourself, or perhaps the inflamed area is a result of your immune system’s response to germs, viruses, or even your diet.

It’s likely, also, that you’ve tried everything you can think of to reduce your discomfort and pain, including

  • an anti-inflammatory diet,
  • heat and cold,
  • alternative therapies, and
  • medications.

These solutions may work for some kinds of inflammations. You’ll certainly want to eat more healthily. And if you’ve suffered a sports injury, some ice packs or heating pads will likely help you relieve the pain.

But what if there’s a better option? What if something can

  • identify the source of your inflammation,
  • deal with it from the inside-out,
  • restore cells and tissue to working order, and
  • trigger your body to heal itself?

The good news is this technology already exists, and it’s called Electro-Equiscope.

Electro-Equiscope therapy is the most effective, proven way to reduce body inflammation quickly and thoroughly. It really is common-sense medicine for common people.

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How Does Electrical Energy Reduce Inflammation?

Medicine in the 21st century has changed dramatically. We now understand so much better that our body is like a circuit board with electrical energy flowing through it. You can manage this flow with a computer-like machine: change it, program it, and correct it.

That’s how Equiscope therapy works.

So, how does this benefit your inflamed knee joint, for example?

Think of a device with three batteries to power it. One of them is now low in charge or perhaps dead. Premature death of the cell (Premature Apoptosis) has occurred. The device doesn’t work, even though two batteries still have energy.

Your cells have batteries called mitochondria.

Inflammation comes from damaged tissue. This tissue has dead or failing mitochondria caused by the injury. But your inflamed knee or toe, shoulder, or back, needs fully powered cell energy to restore it to health.

The problem is, your body’s natural energy flow takes a diversion around damaged cells (following the laws of physics, known as impedance). This delays or even stops the healing process.

To remove the diversion and reduce inflammation, the damaged cells therefore need very tiny quantities (microcurrents) of electricity to provide energy so they can heal themselves.

When that’s done, the cells allow your body’s normal energy to enter (again following the laws of physics) to start restoring your damaged tissue.

Supplying this tiny and precise amount of energy is what Equiscope therapy does.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, if doctors diagnose electrically, and bring you back to life electrically, why not treat you electrically?

Why Does Equiscope Therapy Work to Reduce Inflammation?

Any therapy that proposes to open the flow of energy inside your body will help it to heal itself.

Chinese acupuncture has been doing this for centuries with needles. More recent EFT tapping therapy emulates this to avoid invasive needles. The Electro-Equiscope works via micro-electrical stimulations instead – and works fast.

Put simply, it restores your body’s electrical systems. As a result, your inflammation reduces, your pain diminishes, your mobility improves, and your injury doesn’t get worse. The cumulative effect of Equiscope therapy means that a minimum of 3 sessions of 30-60 minutes is usually best, although you’ll notice improvement immediately.

Want to get your life back on track as quickly as possible with a non-chemical, non-invasive tool that has no side effects?

Intellbio is the only distributor of the Electro-Equiscope. We have providers all over the country. Find an Electro-Equiscope practitioner or technician near you today.

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How to Reduce Inflammation with Equiscope Therapy
We discuss how traditional protocols may or may not work, but the fastest way to reduce inflammation is to use Equiscope therapy. Read on to learn why.