How Electro-Equiscope Can Benefit Your Rehabilitation

How Electro-Equiscope Can Benefit Your Rehabilitation
March 16, 2022

Have you recently had surgery or injured yourself and feel like it’s taking forever to get back into shape? Maybe you’re not even worried about getting back into shape yet. You’re just trying to get by? What needs to happen to benefit your rehabilitation?

The amount of rehabilitation and time to get back to feeling like “you” depends on

Did you know that the amount of time it takes you to heal also depends on how well your electrical circuit is doing? We’re not talking about a circuit in your computer. We’re talking about the one in your body.

Your body is a circuit!

Every tissue in your body has a normal level of bioelectric activity. This electrical activity must be able to flow freely and at consistent levels. If not, your cells won’t have enough energy to function properly.

However, when you get sick or suffer an injury, this disturbs your normal bioelectric activity level. This causes your body to have to  respond to the injury or disease. But if there’s no change in the bio-electrical currents or there’s no current at all, your damaged tissues won’t respond in a way that’s sufficient for repair/recovery. Makes sense, yes?

If you’re ready to heal faster and decrease inflammation and pain levels, it’s time to consider Equiscope Therapy.

How Electro-Equiscope Can Benefit Your Rehabilitation

Equiscope therapy is probably like no other therapy that you’ve tried in your rehabilitation regimen. The Electro-Equiscope technology uses very small (pico) currents to heal your body on a cellular level.

Think of it like a car battery that’s gone dead. No matter how many times you try to crank up the motor, there aren’t enough electrical currents to get the car started. Now, what do you do with a car battery that needs a boost? Get out the jumper cables. Hook them up to another car in good working order. That’s what Equiscope does for you. It’s like the jumper cables. It delivers microcurrents from an energy source outside the body. These then enhance or restart the normal repair response of your body.

chart of benefits to show how Equiscope can benefit your rehabilitationLet’s look at 8 ways Equiscope therapy benefits rehabilitation:

1 Electro-Equiscope can improve your physical performance – and even bring you back to peak performance – because it can heal damaged tissues and bones.

2 Using Equiscope can get your life back on track more quickly than traditional methods. It can speed up healing in a way that traditional methods cannot.

3 Electro-Equiscope can be used for pain management. It can relieve pain and inflammation earlier because it can speed up healing.

4 Equiscope therapy needs no anesthetic, stitches, skin wounds, or healing time. It’s noninvasive.

5 When you get Electro-Equiscope therapy, you don’t risk side effects. You don’t have to worry about medication interactions because the procedure is non-chemical.

6 Equiscope can improve your whole health because it’s holistic therapy. It can help heal your cells, which are the messengers that enable everything that happens throughout your body.

7 Electro-Equiscope takes a regenerative approach, helping to strengthen your damaged cells so they can function normally again. This is instead of removing cells from your body like happens with surgeries, laser protocols, or other minimally invasive procedures.

8 Because Equiscope is so convenient, there’s NO

  • hospital visit,
  • time off work, or
  • special preparation required,

…and sessions can be scheduled at a time of your choosing.

Ramp up your rehabilitation with the benefits of the Electro-Equiscope!

Intellbio is the sole distributor of the Electro-Equiscope, with providers all over the country. Find your local Equiscope practitioner or make an appointment to speak to us if you’d like us to answer some more questions for you!

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How Electro-Equiscope Can Benefit Your Rehabilitation
We look at the many ways Equiscope therapy can benefit your rehabilitation by enhancing or restarting the normal repair response of your body.