Honey and Quatro: Equine Healing with Equiscope

Honey and Quatro: Equine Healing with Equiscope
February 13, 2022

We know you love your animals almost as much as you love your people. That’s why we enjoy spotlighting animal success stories so much! Today we’ll look at two case studies featuring equine healing with Equiscope therapy.

Horses Help Us Heal. How Can We Help Them in Return?

Horses are amazing animals. Not only do they serve us in the capacity of work and play, but they’ve also shown a great capacity to help us heal. You can see this in the large number of nonprofits that have cropped up that use horses to help soldiers with PTSD, abused children, people with special needs, and more.

When a horse is injured or sick, diagnosing and treating its condition can be difficult. Many people in the field of animal husbandry have turned to equine healing therapy using Equiscope when other methods didn’t provide the desired results. That’s exactly what happened with Quatro.

Pull quote from the text about equine healingQuatro’s Equine Healing Story

When Equiscope practitioner Melissa met Quatro, he’d been through the wringer. Quatro is a very talented working cow horse slotted to show in the open at Nationals in OKC last August. Sadly, unbeknownst to the owner, the trainer had an outside dentist pull a supernumerary incisor – one that the owner had explicitly directed them not to remove.

The reason was that a veterinarian had evaluated this tooth as very close to several facial nerves, and she was concerned about the complications that could result if it were pulled.

Within 30 days of the extraction, Quatro suffered a drastic reduction in body condition and stamina. They had to scratch at OKC Nationals because he had lost even more weight and was very lethargic by that time. He spent a month in an equine hospital in Las Cruces fighting a septic situation.

Quatro’s owner took him home and made an appointment with Melissa. He was fighting his head and didn’t want to be ridden. When she checked his teeth, she discovered a significant imbalance in his dentition and that the tooth had been extracted. Melissa used Equiscope therapy to balance his mouth and TMJ. In just three sessions, he made a full recovery and is now thriving!

Honey’s Story

Equine healing with Equiscope can also support horses that don’t seem to have any affliction. That was the case with Honey. Honey is a very talented Reined Cow Horse mare in training. Typically Honey is very willing and ready to go, but at one point, she hit an unexplainable slump.

She started to get bracey and resistant, so the owner elected to take her back to the ranch to take a break and just be a horse. Luckily, the owner and her husband had been using Equiscope therapy with great success. They therefore decided to have their Equiscope technician try it on Honey. After just two sessions, Honey was a new horse. She completed her training and is now competing in a novice class!

We love our animals at Intellbio!

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But if you want to find out how Equiscope Therapy can help your own horses, why not contact your local practitioner today?

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Honey and Quatro: Equine Healing with Equiscope
Read two more of our equine healing stories where Equiscope therapy has delivered success when traditional medicine has not been able to provide the desired results.