Heal Yourself Naturally: The 7-Step Detox Series

Heal Yourself Naturally: The 7-Step Detox Series
October 12, 2022

Wouldn’t it be great if you could heal yourself naturally rather than turning to prescription drugs and invasive measures?

Can the body heal itself? That’s exactly what Equiscope founder John Thorp set out to discover when he began pioneering his way to bioenergetic therapy.

One of the things that became evident to John was that everything – including air, water, food, and even medicines – contains toxins. This means our level of toxic exposure is far greater today than in the past. All disease is toxic response. If you remove the toxicity, you remove the response which is DIS-EASE – or your body being “not at ease.”

Over time, Thorp used his knowledge of

  • the healing process,
  • Chinese Medicine, and
  • frequency-specific microcurrent technology…

to create a methodology and series of proprietary protocols that support detoxification and self-healing.

The 7-Step Detox Series is now taught to, and used by, every Equiscope practitioner and technician.

If you’d like to train to become an Equiscope technician and use it to benefit other people and animals, read our blog post here. But in the meantime, we’ll look at the Detox Series in detail.

The 7-Step Detox Series is a Whole-Body Protocol

In order to heal yourself naturally, the protocol includes the acupuncture points of the ear, teeth, hands, feet, spine – and ends up with a lymph drainage. A guided meditation is a great desert!

Ear (Auricular Protocol)

Surprising to many, applying a protocol to the ear, or auricular system – which is an acupuncture system in the ear – is also a very effective way to support the whole body.

The ear is an inverted fetus with the head being in the ear lobe and the feet at the top of the ear.  All of the organs and every joint in the body are located by a point in the ear.

So, by running current through every point in the ear, you’re running a corrective current through all the neurological access points of the entire body.

Remember, blood flow and current take the path of least resistance, going around the damaged tissue instead of through it. Intelligent Bioenergetics clears all the pathways with microcurrent energy, thus removing blockage and resistance (impedance). This is the obvious way to heal yourself naturally.

Teeth (Odonton Protocol)

Would you be surprised to learn that one of the therapeutic access points is at the base of each tooth. Applying Intelligent Bioenergetics to the root of every tooth stimulates

  • every organ, joint, muscle, tendon, and ligament,
  • the brain,
  • the limbic system, and
  • the endocrine glands responsible for producing the hormones that keep the body systems functioning at an optimal level.

This is, therefore, why taking care of your teeth is so vitally important to a healthy body – because it’s then capable of healing itself.

Hands and Feet Protocol

This Equiscope protocol uses the reflexology and acupressure points of the hands and feet. By stimulating these points, you’re running current through all the energy points located in the hands and feet thus supporting the whole body, even the neck and head that have reflexology access points in the hands and the feet.

lady demonstrating bilateral spinal protocol to illustrate heal yourself naturally

Spine and Governing Vessel Protocols

This spinal protocol specifically uses an energetic pathway called the Governing Vessel (GV). The GV is the head of all eight meridians and can be used to strengthen the body.

This is one of the most commonly used systemic or whole-body protocols when you want to heal naturally.

The Equiscope technician applies probes to every vertebra in the spine. A spinal protocol is what the entire field of chiropractic is based on – making sure that all the neurological areas in every vertebra are open, allowing blood flow to every muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone.

Some muscles can be in spasm due to over-firing and they get a hold of the vertebra and pull on it, compressing the nerve and blocking blood flow to an organ or joint.

When you run current to the over-firing muscle, you put the tissue to rest – which allows the vertebra to go back into place all by itself.

The current restores energy to every organ, every joint, and every muscle attached at each vertebra. In other words, you’re stimulating the kidney, liver, lungs, heart, and spleen – all via the vertebrae.

The Lymph Drainage Protocol

This is an Equiscope protocol that’s similar to getting a lymphatic massage. It’s designed to reduce the toxic burden or waste build-up in the lymphatic system and help “empty the body’s wastebasket.”

By using a specific probe specially calibrated for the lymphatic system, you open the lymph and allow waste product to leave.

It works so well that it’s common for recipients to have a large bowel movement within 24 hours after having this protocol!

The Brain (Guided Visualization/Meditation)

This is a powerful protocol. It guides the brain into a meditative state where it visualizes the desired outcome as if it’s already done. It forms part of the natural way to heal.

Equiscope practitioners and technicians use this kind of guided meditation during the session. In addition, however, they teach patients and clients how to meditate and visualize so they can keep the positive progress going and heal themselves.

While each protocol is different, their goal is the same – to benefit the whole body. The great benefit is that while working systemically to benefit the whole body, you can – at the same time – help localized or isolated problems get better faster and stay better longer!

A Detox Series for Everyone Who Wants to Heal Themselves Naturally!

Since John used to be a stuntman, he often refers to movies to describe why he developed a particular protocol.

In this case, there was a great movie entitled Bonnie and Clyde!

Their car broke down, and one of their cronies, CW Moss, fixed the car before they could be caught. When Clyde asked CW what he’d done to make the car run again, CW said, “It was just dirt! Dirt in the fuel line and I just blow’d it away!”

That’s what using the detoxification program does: It clears the dirt from all of the acupuncture pathways of the ear, teeth, hands, feet, and spine. It gets rid of all the dirt in your fuel lines by just blowing it away with a little microcurrent energy!

Whether you’re trying to overcome an illness or build strength for a sports event, the 7-Step Detox Series can help!

Want to learn more? Visit the Thorp Institute. Ready to start your self-healing journey? Find an Equiscope technician today!

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