Hashimoto’s and Equiscope: a Testimony

Hashimoto’s and Equiscope: a Testimony
January 25, 2023

When you’re about to do or try something new, we bet you sometimes pop online first and look for someone else’s experience! Right? It can save you a lot of trouble. And that’s why we’re offering you a first-person testimony about how effective the Equiscope protocols are for helping to reduce pain and inflammation.

“Sarah” had a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease. Her pain was so severe it was spoiling her quality of life – and she had a long list of issues connected to the diagnosis.

But first…

What is Hashimoto’s?

This autoimmune disorder affects the thyroid and its hormone production. It usually occurs among middle-aged women.

Common symptoms include:

  • Fatigue, sleepiness
  • Muscle weakness, aches, and stiffness
  • Constipation
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Hair loss, dry skin, brittle nails
  • Depression

Sarah was taking one pill for the thyroid problem, but was still in pain.

The technician started by addressing the immediate issue of the pain, using Equiscope protocols focused on reducing pain and inflammation.

During the therapy, the technician went through all the systemic protocols, with visible improvements after each session.

Sarah started feeling better and her zest for life was back!

But let’s see how Sarah described her experience.

Sarah’s Testimony About Equiscope Protocols

Large quotation mark in green to illustrate a testimony about Equiscope protocols“When I first went for the microcurrent therapy, I was in so much pain from Hashimoto’s disease – and arthritis/swelling in my hands, feet, knees, back, and hip – that I had retired early from my job. I was fearful that I would eventually end up in a wheelchair.

During my first session, we addressed my knees and feet. I immediately noticed a difference in the swelling and pain, and I could walk much easier.

Next, we addressed those areas again – and also my bladder. After the second session I noticed my pain had decreased more, and the discomfort in my bladder was gone.

I continued the sessions, and over time we completed every one of the systemic protocols. I continued to improve after each session and even had some digestive issues resolve and had less trouble with gas and bloating.

The headband and ear clip sessions helped me better handle stress, anxiety, and the normal trials of life, with less impact on my emotions and health.

Prior to starting this therapy, I pretty much didn’t do anything but stay at home. I didn’t go to basketball games or do any of the things I love to do. Now, I can do all of these things.

After several months, I was able to return to work and I lost 23 lbs. I’m continuing the sessions with K to maintain the progress we’ve made, and I continue to notice improvements each time.

I truly believe that this therapy has given me back my life and I’m able to live it to its fullest potential. I highly recommend Equiscope therapy!”

Restoring Sufficient Cellular Energy

Equiscope therapy sends corrective pico/microcurrents of energy to the cells to restore your body’s correct flow of energy.

In Sarah’s case, Hashimoto’s disease was affecting the production of metabolism-regulating thyroid hormones, causing her body’s energy to be low so it couldn’t deal with pain and inflammation.

Intellbio is the sole distributor of the Electro-Equiscope worldwide. If you’d like to learn more about Equiscope therapy, contact us for more information. Let’s talk!

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Hashimoto’s and Equiscope: a Testimony
Some diseases affect the body's energy so much it can't deal with pain and inflammation. Read an inspiring testimony about Equiscope therapy.