Giving the Thumbs Up to Electro-Equiscope Help

Giving the Thumbs Up to Electro-Equiscope Help
January 18, 2023

Have you ever been skeptical about something new? Seriously doubted if it was too good to be true? Or even work? That’s what happened to one client, who finally visited a technician for Electro-Equiscope help one day.

Despite being healthy and having no known injuries, he had pain in his thumb that felt like a “hot poker” at times and got worse with certain movements.

There are many causes of thumb pain that you may not think of as “real injuries” such as:

  • light thumb/wrist sprain
  • trigger finger (from repetitive use or injury)
  • carpal tunnel syndrome

However, injury leads to inflammation – and where there’s inflammation, there are damaged or failing mitochondria.

chart explaining mitachondria to illustrate Electro-Equiscope helpYou’ll remember from distant biology classes that mitochondria are the powerhouse of each cell. This means you need them to have a full charge for your cells and tissue to perform in a healthy way.


The reason is that inflammation diverts your body’s natural, healing energy flow away from the damaged cells – so the entire healing process is delayed or even stops.

For this patient’s pain to go away, he had to get rid of the inflammation!

But even though the pain was limiting his quality of life, he was skeptical about non-traditional therapies.

Getting the Proof You Need About Electro-Equiscope

As E. Nesbit said in Five Children and It, “Grown-up people find it very difficult to believe really wonderful things, unless they have what they call proof.”

Our founder, John, got the proof he needed in an amazing way.

After a serious leg injury left him with a shattered knee that doctors deemed impossible to heal, John Thorp gave electro-acuscope therapy a try, in the hopes of maybe finding some help.

This therapy provided the damaged cells in the inflamed tissues with much-needed energy and helped speed up the healing process. John was back on track. And after a little over a year, he was able to even compete in a triathlon.

Having gotten proof that the therapy truly helped his recovery, John undertook Eastern medicine training, and through his 30 years working in a hospital and three clinics, developed the Electro-Equiscope protocols that we now use.

How Can Electro-Equiscope Help With Thumb Pain?

The Equiscope technician who helped this patient used the bullseye protocol to the thumb and then a y probe for the first session.

For a second session, the technician used the same bullseye protocol and hand-to-hand cylinders. By reducing the pain and inflammation with pico/microcurrent therapy, the patient felt immediate relief from the hot nerve pain.

During follow-ups, he stated he now had only minimal discomfort and experienced a great increase in energy. The results so amazed him that he wanted to come back to address chronic shoulder pain!

Save Yourself Months (Even Years) of Pain

This patient had been living with daily thumb pain for a year before seeking relief, despite being offered Electro-Equiscope help multiple times!

If you’re in the same boat and nothing else has worked, why not push the skepticism aside and get the proof you need about the effectiveness of Equiscope therapy?

Intellbio is the exclusive distributor of the Electro-Equiscope worldwide. Let’s talk about your pain today!

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Giving the Thumbs Up to Electro-Equiscope Help
Inflammation in a thumb indicates failing cell mitachondria that need a full charge to enable healing. Learn about Electro-Equiscope help.