From Essential Tremor to Steadiness With the Help of Equiscope Therapy

From Essential Tremor to Steadiness With the Help of Equiscope Therapy
April 12, 2023

At some point, it’s likely you may have known and empathized with an older person who’s suffering from essential tremor in their arms and hands.

When this happens, you can almost imagine them thinking things like:

  • “This is so frustrating. I’ve always been independent and taken pride in doing things for myself, but now I can’t even write my own name without my hands shaking uncontrollably.”
  • “I’m scared about what this could mean for my future. If my tremors keep getting worse, I might not be able to do basic things like feeding myself or getting dressed.”
  • “I don’t want to burden my family with my condition.”

Essential tremor can affect everything in life. But what exactly is it? And how did a 70-year-old man find he could once more write his name in a steady hand?

We’ll come back to him in a moment, but first…

What Causes Essential Tremor?

Although some people have what’s known as a familial tremor, resulting from an altered gene, it’s something of a puzzle to discover exactly what causes the involuntary, rhythmic shaking of essential tremor in other people.

Older age can bring it on, certainly – beginning gradually, worsening with movement, and sometimes worsening with emotional stress.

But doctors know the cause is definitely related to your brain. It’s a nervous system condition i.e. neurological in origin.

And because it stems from the brain – which organizes nerve signals – the result can be seen in any part of your body. It mostly affects arms and hands, which is what this man was experiencing. But it can also affect other body parts because your whole body is connected via bioelectricity.

Equiscope Technicians Understand Bioelectricity and More

Equiscope technicians have training in Electro-Equiscope therapy, yes, but also in understanding

  • the mind-body connection,
  • the role of meridians and energy pathways throughout your body, and
  • how the underlying cause of nerve damage is cell damage.

Textual quote about how the Electro-Equiscope scans and uses feedbackThe Electro-Equiscope uniquely scans and uses feedback from the patient’s body to adjust output. So – technicians also learn how to use small therapeutic probes and plates to the send corrective pico/microcurrent signals from the Equiscope to where they’re needed.

This can induce rest and repair in the damaged cells – helping to produce an optimal healing environment.

So How Did This Knowledge Help With Essential Tremor?

The patient was – by now – unable to hold a pen in one hand and write his name after suffering from essential tremor for 10 years, Even steadying one hand with the other, his writing looked like a drunk five year old had signed their name!

The technician did spinal stimulation (remember, all energy circuits in the body are linked) and then bilateral stimulation from the wrist upwards. It took, perhaps, half an hour.

The man was then able to write his own name with one hand! He said: “Well, heck! I haven’t been able to do that in 10 years!”

Interested to Learn More? Or Train?

Intellbio is the sole distributor of the Equiscope and offers professional training for using it.

If you’d like to know about the Electro-Equiscope, call us today for more information. We’d love to talk!

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From Essential Tremor to Steadiness With the Help of Equiscope Therapy
Inducing rest and repair in damaged cells can help produce an optimal healing environment for essential tremor to stabilize.