Equiscope Therapy Helps War Vet’s Loss of Feeling in His Feet

Equiscope Therapy Helps War Vet’s Loss of Feeling in His Feet
June 28, 2023

Shooting pains in your legs can be debilitating, and sometimes traditional pain management methods don’t work. This can leave you searching for alternative solutions. Mick, a 78-year-old Vietnam war veteran also had loss of feeling in both feet – which posed a significant challenge.

What Causes Pain?

When your body experiences pain, it’s a way of signaling that something is wrong or that there’s an injury that needs attention. There are two types of pain:

  • Acute: linked to a localized injury, and goes away when your body resolves the injury.
  • Chronic: lasting for a long time, with no immediate cure, and possibly complex causes

Outside of these two types, pain can also be described as neuropathic. This refers to damage to the peripheral nerves that connect your brain and spinal cord to the rest of your body. It shows up as electric shocks, tenderness, numbness, tingling, or discomfort and can be caused by

  • diabetes,
  • chemotherapy,
  • traumatic injuries,
  • autoimmune disorders, or
  • exposure to toxins, etc.

Traditional approaches to pain management often involve medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes. But they may not always be effective in severe cases or when someone doesn’t respond well to conventional solutions.

And they may not help with numbness in both feet.

Overcoming Loss of Feeling in Feet

Mick’s diagnosis was neuropathy – which explained both the loss of feeling and the shooting pain in his legs and feet. Together, they caused him to use a cane to prevent stumbling.

And it’s likely his chronic ailments and exposure to chemicals as an Air Force fueling engineer contributed to – and worsened – his condition.

The Equiscope therapy consisted of four one-hour sessions: the first three were completed on three consecutive days and the fourth a week later.

1 The first session used Thorp’s standard plate protocol with one amplifier box and three 1×1 plates. One plate was placed on the BL26 lumbar region, and the other plates were positioned on the solar arch of each foot.

2 The second session used Thorp’s standard ear clips and bilateral spinal.

3 In the third session, the technician placed a plate on the GV6 trigger to stimulate points on the governing vessel, B57, and the balls of the feet, as well as a Y probe on his feet.

4 The fourth session used a plate on GV16 and a trigger probe to target reflexology points on the feet, with a Y probe on his feet.

chart recording the sessions as explained in textLoss of Feeling Disappears!

Mick experienced pain relief after the first session and significant improvement in feeling in his feet after the second and third sessions.

After a week, he reported a significant improvement in leg control and a reduction in pain. One year later, Mick was still able to walk without a cane.

Electro-Equiscope Therapy for Chronic Pain and Loss of Feeling

The Electro Equiscope uses intelligent low-frequency electrical impulses to promote tissue repair, improve circulation, and restore cellular communication in the body. This can address the underlying cause of nerve damage.

Combining acupuncture principles with intelligent bioenergetics, Equiscope therapy targets the Ba Feng points on the foot to help damaged nerve cells restart healthy communication, offering relief from nerve pain.

If you’re struggling with neuropathy involving leg pain and loss of feeling in your feet, why not contact Intellbio today and explore how we can help?

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Equiscope Therapy Helps War Vet's Loss of Feeling in His Feet
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