Equiscope Resolves Inflammatory Reaction

Equiscope Resolves Inflammatory Reaction
November 30, 2022

Most inflammatory reactions come from damaged tissue and cells that can no longer work properly. This inflammatory reaction was a little unusual because of the number of symptoms.

Our 54-year-old client developed signs of neuropathy, including weakness, tingling, and numbness in her feet, legs, and hands.

It progressed at an alarming rate, and soon her weakness and inability to maintain balance rendered her unable to walk or stand without assistance.

Electro-Equiscope has long been used to help relieve inflammation in the body – but would it effectively help with such a severe inflammatory reaction?

Let’s look what’s happening in your body when tissue becomes inflamed – and then we’ll explain how things worked out.

What is an Inflammatory Reaction?

When your blood vessels leak fluid, this fluid builds up in the surrounding tissues and causes an area to swell. The reasons your body goes through an inflammatory response include

  • protecting itself,
  • removing components of damaged tissue, or
  • allowing your body to begin to heal.

This can take some time if left to heal naturally – and sometimes it doesn’t heal straight away, even with modern meds.

This lady might have expected any of the following milder reactions such as

  • pain or tenderness,
  • feeling tired, or
  • feverishness.

All these can result from inflammation somewhere in the body. However, this was more extreme.

Concerned about her debilitating symptoms, this patient consulted a neurologist who diagnosed chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP).

However, the traditional protocol failed, and the neurologist referred her for electrotherapy in hopes that it “might help.”

It’s interesting that doctors use electronic technology to diagnose but tend to be sceptical about using energy systems in the body to heal you!

quote from the text about an inflammatory reactionSo – How Does Electro-Equiscope Help Heal Inflammatory Reactions?

Your body is an electric circuit continuously sending signals to your brain. That’s how your cells communicate and make it possible for you to move, think, and feel.

Inflammation therefore means that

  • some cells are lacking the voltage they need,
  • their ion channels are unable to function properly, and
  • necessary nutrients are bypassing the area.

An Electro-Equiscope scans your cells in your body (instead of simply delivering one-size-fits-all energy) and identifies depleted cells causing the inflammatory response.

It then creates the exact opposing waveform characteristic that’s needed to neutralize, normalize, and restore damaged cells to health.

We use various plates and protocols to input energy to the exact places necessary.

Electro-Equiscope Resolves CIDP: A Success Story

We met our patient four months after the onset of the inflammatory symptoms.

Her Electro-Equiscope therapy consisted of bilateral spinal protocol twice per week for four weeks, then once per week for four weeks.

As we targeted the inflammation and blockages in her electrical systems over the weeks, she progressed from being able to help herself off of the exam table and walk without assistance, to maintaining her balance for up to eight hours, to feeling an astounding 90% reduction of tingling and numbness in her lower extremities and 100% resolution in her hands, to walking round the block several times a week!

Find Electro-Equiscope Relief Today!

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Equiscope Resolves Inflammatory Reaction
An inflammatory reaction reflects a blockage in your body's electrical energy system – which Equiscope microcurrent therapy relieves. Learn more!