Equiscope Helps Knee Healing After a Fall

Equiscope Helps Knee Healing After a Fall
December 28, 2022

If you’re dealing with a knee injury right now, it’s a sure bet it happened unexpectedly! Maybe from a simple trip to the mailbox, a stroll around the block, or even a grocery run. But knee healing is complex after any fall – and can leave you in pain, immobilized, and even frustrated.

Besides, you’re not sure how serious the injury is. And you’re looking for complete knee healing to stay mobile and keep your active lifestyle.

You’ve maybe tried anti-inflammatory painkillers, and even invasive procedures, but both have potential side effects. And it’s dragging on.

If only you could tackle the underlying cause of your knee pain, naturally and effectively, and clear it up quickly.

One word – Equiscope.

Using pico/microcurrent therapy, the Equiscope can deliver results like

  • pain relief,
  • accelerated recovery,
  • improved circulation, and
  • optimized performance.

Aren’t these just the goals you’re looking for?

Equiscope Helps With Knee Healing

Equiscope uses cutting-edge technology to help your body overcome diseases, injuries, and ailments by going straight to the source of damage – your body’s own cells.

The technician delivers therapy via small plates or probes placed on the skin’s surface over the affected areas. They program the Electro-Equiscope machine to intelligently deliver a highly advanced form of pico/microcurrent energy to restore correct energy levels to damaged cellular tissue.

The way it works is this. Your body’s blood flow takes the path of least resistance, going around damaged tissue – for example in a bruised knee – instead of through it. This means your damaged cells can’t get enough nutrients or remove waste. Their mitochondria (batteries) have too little power to work effectively.

You can think of Equiscope therapy, then, as clearing the pathways and lowering inflammation so the cells can get to work again, healing your injury.

quote from the text about kneww healing and the EquiscopeFun fact: You might be interested to know that Equiscope therapy applied via your ear can access the nervous system of your whole body to help it heal.

We’ll talk about this in detail in another post. But this wasn’t necessary for the following patient when she came for help with her knee injury.

Equiscope and Knee Pain – A Success Story

A 70-year-old female client came to us needing help to manage her knee pain after a fall. She’d had constant pain for five months.

Committed to staying active and serving at her church, she noticed the pain in her knee would increase after being on her feet for a while.

In her Equiscope therapy sessions, the technician used multiple protocols including: a bullseye, plates, and bilateral spinal, to support not just the knee healing but the whole body.

After six weeks, the technician followed up with the patient, who was now doing great and not experiencing any pain. The patient had no need for additional therapy. When asked, she said to the technician, “Will holler if I need you!”

Faster Healing Starts with Equiscope Therapy

The power of Equiscope and how it has made such a big difference to our clients’ health and wellbeing is a common theme that trained Equiscope technicians feed back to us.

If you’d like to talk about how Equiscope can help with healing, or if you’d like to train to be a technician and have the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives, Intellbio is the team for you. Give us a call today.

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Equiscope Helps Knee Healing After a Fall
Learn how the Equiscope uses pico/microcurrent therapy in knee healing to lower inflammation so cells can work properly again.