Equiscope Helps Heal Rocky’s Pain and Inflammation

Equiscope Helps Heal Rocky’s Pain and Inflammation
December 7, 2022

If your horse has ever taken a bad slip, you’ll know how worrying it is. You hope no serious damage has occurred, but you may come to suspect sacroiliac (SI) joint pain and inflammation.

You realize you need to reduce inflammation, because pain relief will naturally follow. But, for a horse, what’s the best way to do this? Your horse will possibly be limping and also protective when you want to approach. Fractious, even! Like the young horse, Rocky, we’re showcasing today.

But help is available – and Equiscope therapy is the very best of that help. Let’s look how.

How Equiscope Therapy Helps Heals Pain and Inflammation

The non-invasive Electro-Equiscope connects directly to your horse’s body and uses intelligent pico/microcurrent technology to restore health to damaged cells, especially after an injury.

The energy provided to the cells through these microcurrents restores them to full functioning, which results in reduced inflammation and pain.

Identifying Sacroiliac Joint Injuries in Your Horse

SI joint injuries are difficult to assess because most signs of SI pain can be the result of other conditions or occur along with other musculoskeletal conditions.

For instance, a prominent bony crest, or tuber sacrale, also known as a “hunter’s bump” can be normal and not necessarily of concern.

But, if your horse experiences a “hunter’s bump” along with muscle spasms and stiffness in the SI or pelvic region, this could indicate subluxation, a partial displacement of the tuber sacrale. This is what Rocky experienced.

chart to show process of healing pain and inflammationRocky’s Recovery After a Bad Fall

When Rocky came to us, he’d been lame on his left hind leg for two weeks and was especially protective of any manipulation. His pain was so severe that his personality was uncharacteristically fractious and anxious, making him irritable and difficult to control and work with.

The technician applied Equiscope protocols consisting of placing plates on the energy lines connected to the pain in the left hind areas. (If you train to be a technician, you learn all about plates, protocols, and frequencies!)

The Equiscope protocol helped calm the pain, and by the end of the session, Rocky was relaxed, with his head down, and licking his lips.

After experiencing some pain relief, Rocky could be safely and comfortably evaluated by a veterinarian. They discovered that Rocky’s fall had caused a subluxated SI that required an invasive protocol procedure.

However, the interesting thing was that the doctor expected to find significant inflammation – common when an SI joint has shifted. But that was not the case!

In fact, the doctor noted that the pliability of tissue and lack of inflammation made for the easiest manipulation he’d ever performed on a horse who’d suffered such an acute trauma.

Not only had the Equiscope provided Rocky with pain relief, but it had also eliminated most of the inflammation.

Help for SI Pain and Inflammation

Intellbio is proud to be the sole distributor of the Equiscope. Learn more about how our professional technicians can help with pain management methods for your horse’s health problems. Contact us to reach a technician near you today!

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Equiscope Helps Heal Rocky’s Pain and Inflammation
Sacroiliac joint pain and inflammation makes for an irritable, anxious, and lame horse. See how Equiscope therapy worked to help Rocky heal.