How an Equiscope Technician Can Make a Difference

How an Equiscope Technician Can Make a Difference
May 4, 2022

One of our favorite things about being the exclusive distributor of Electro-Equiscope is the heart-warming stories we hear at Intellbio coming in from every Equiscope technician! They tell us about the power of Equiscope and how it has made such a big difference to their clients’ health and wellbeing.

Making a Difference for Tom with Equiscope

For example, one of our technicians worked with a 57-year-old man named Tom. In 2014, a golf ball hit Tom on the head and the diagnosis was traumatic brain injury (TBI) and brain bleed. Since then, he’s been rear-ended three times, suffered from pain daily, and described the back of his neck and head as feeling “very electric.”

His daily life was also plagued with nausea, headaches, brain fog, neck pain, and limited range of motion in his neck. He had short-lived success with craniosacral therapy.

Tom was desperate to get his life back and was willing to work with an Equiscope technician. The technician used ear clips, a headband, and a probe to his neck and upper back. The words “I’m amazed” fell from his lips after his first session!

His range of motion had improved by 45%, and his pain decreased by 60%. After several more sessions, he reported feeling very calm, and plans on returning for some pain management as time allows.

Making a Difference for Anthony with Equiscope

However, Tom isn’t the only success story. Anthony’s doctor referred him to an Equiscope technician. Unfortunately, he’d completely torn the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left leg. He had a separated meniscus and was suffering from intense pain and swelling.

At age 55, this was not good news! Although he didn’t intend to continue to play basketball or any other jumping or cutting sports, he did want to enjoy hiking and other activities.

He received three Equiscope sessions. These helped significantly, decreasing the swelling and providing stability for his knee. He was able to avoid a complete ACL restoration, and his doctor was pleasantly surprised with how remarkably stable his knee is.

What if you could help people like Tom and Anthony? The good news is you can!

Quote from an Equiscope Technician about how this has changed their lifeBecome An Equiscope Technician

Anyone can train to be an Electro-Equiscope technician. You can then provide others with Equiscope sessions that can often

And because Equiscope works at the cellular level, results are often long-lasting and can become permanent.

Electro-Equiscope Business-in-a-Box Opportunity

The Equiscope is powerful and portable. Whether you’re a single service technician or operate in several locations and services, Equiscope therapy could be a welcome addition to your lineup of services in many fields.

In addition, when you become a technician, we won’t just train you on how to use the device. You’ll be joining our Equiscope community. We offer everything you need to get started and build your business including:

  • Marketing materials and tools
  • Unparalleled long-term support
  • Ongoing technical and advanced training
  • Unlimited access to our online training platform
  • Client referrals

There’s never been a better time to become an Electro-Equiscope technician. Just imagine your future clients: They deserve healthier, happier lives without invasive procedures or additional pharmaceutical intervention to combat their aches and pains.

And you’ll gain welcome additional monthly income while having the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives. What’s not to like?

Interested to Train as an Equiscope Technician?

Contact us by email today, and let’s arrange a time to talk!

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An Equiscope Technician Can Make a Difference
With two examples, we show you how – as an Equiscope Technician – you can make a difference in people's lives while also having a business-in-a-box opportunity.