Alleviating Inflammation with Equiscope Therapy

Alleviating Inflammation with Equiscope Therapy
December 13, 2023

Inflammation often signals itself with redness, swelling, and pain. This is uncomfortable and spoils daily life. So we often spend ages looking for solutions. Alleviating inflammation becomes a holy grail!

Moreover, the discomfort of inflammation in the body isn’t limited to humans alone but extends to our animal companions as well – horses, dogs, cats, and birds – who we consider part of our families.

The need to alleviate inflammation is critical in numerous health issues and diseases. The inflammation often stems from injuries, immune responses to infections, or dietary choices. And the usual methods to alleviate the discomfort include anti-inflammatory diets, hot and cold treatments, various alternative therapies, and medications.

While these can be effective for certain types of inflammation, they take their time to work and sometimes represent a sticking plaster approach.

The real solution to alleviating inflammation is found at the cellular level.

And the means of doing this has been around for many years, although not everyone has heard about Equiscope therapy. This significantly speeds up the process of recovery from inflammatory problems.

The Electro-Equiscope and Equiscope Therapy

The Electro-Equiscope stands out as a highly effective device for rapidly alleviating inflammation. It represents a practical and straightforward medical solution for everyday people.

We’ve witnessed many successes in both humans and animals where Equiscope therapy has reduced inflammation in a way clients could only dream of previously. For example:

A chronic inflammatory reaction

Bad knee after a fall

Horse with swollen head tissue

Thumb inflammation

Equiscope therapy – so successful at dealing with pain and inflammation – is rooted in the principle that our bodies function like a circuit board, with electrical energy flowing throughout. Let’s have a closer look at that idea.

The Science Behind Equiscope Therapy

Our cells, powered by “batteries” known as mitochondria, can suffer damage or get depleted, leading to inflammation in the surrounding tissues.

Equiscope therapy aims to address this by supplying microcurrents of electricity directly to the damaged tissue cells, thereby aiding in their recovery and facilitating the body’s natural recovery process.

It does this by scanning for damaged tissue – usually indicated by impedance to the electrical flow of energy. The device reads the impedance and delivers an appropriate adjustment to re-energise the cells to normal working conditions.

pull quote from the text about the device reading and responding to impedance in injured cellsEffectiveness of Equiscope Therapy for Inflammation Resolution

The principle behind Equiscope therapy aligns with other energy-based solutions, like Chinese acupuncture.

However, instead of needles, Equiscope therapy uses micro-electrical stimulation to rapidly rejuvenate the body’s electrical systems. It’s also non-invasive, which is a plus when dealing with humans and animals, and it’s non-chemical (always good).

The therapy can quickly relieve inflammation, diminish pain, improve mobility, and prevent injuries worsening.

As you can read in the case studies linked above, typically just a few sessions of this therapy yield noticeable improvements. For ourselves and our loved ones this is something worth investigating if you haven’t heard of it yet.

Intellbio is the sole distributor of the Electro-Equiscope, with trained practitioners and technicians ready to help you with alleviating inflammation from any injury. Call us to day and let’s talk!

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Alleviating Inflammation with Equiscope Therapy
Learn how Equiscope therapy can quickly relieve inflammation, diminish pain, improve mobility, and prevent injuries worsening.